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Lightning McQueen and Mater are invited to a second World Grand Prix, but with 6 races, Japan, Italy, Paris, England, Germany, and finally Radiator Springs, it will be with Allinol, Miles is no longer the one behind it, however, he and the lemons wants to get revenge on the agents and racers, Finn and Holley come along to secure their safety, but end up going on another mission to foil the lemon's plans

Characters & Weight Classes

Instead of listing everything, it will name their speed and weight class, which is key. LightWeights can accelorate faster and drift easier. HeavyWeights have higher top speeds, gain more energy when performing moves such as drifting, jumping etc. and have higher and better timed jumps. Returning characters that have been in a previous Cars Videogame will be written in normal text, new cars in bold text.

Already Unlocked:

  • Lightning McQueen - Medium
  • Mater - Heavy
  • Sarge - Medium
  • Fillmore - Heavy
  • Luigi - Light
  • Finn McMissile - Medium
  • Holley Shiftwell - Medium
  • Francesco Bernoulli - Medium
  • Raoul CaRoule - Light
  • Jeff Gorvette - Medium
  • Carla Veloso - Medium
  • Shu Todoroki - Medium
  • Nigel Gearsley - Medium
  • Professor Z - Light
  • Acer - Medium
  • Grem - Medium


  • Guido - Light
  • Miles Axlerod - Heavy

  • Tomber - Light
  • Uncle Topolino - Light
  • Mama Topolino - Light
  • The Queen - Heavy
  • Lewis Hamilton - Medium
  • Miguel Camino - Medium
  • Max Schnell - Medium
  • Rip Clutchgoneski - Medium
  • Zen Master - Light
  • Kingpin Nobunga - Heavy
  • Pinion Takana - Heavy
  • Prince Wheeliam - Medium
  • Ramone - Medium
  • Flo - Medium
  • Sheriff - Medium
  • Sally - Medium
  • Red - Heavy
  • J Curby Gremlin - Medium
  • Vladimir Trunkov - Medium
  • Tubbs Pacer - Medium
  • Victor Hugo - Medium
  • Ivan - Heavy

Unlockable special paint jobs or varients:

  • Carbon Fiber McQueen - Cars 2 VG - Medium
  • Taco Truck Mater - Post Cars 2 - Heavy
  • Security Guard Finn - Post Cars 2 - Medium
  • Racer Holley - Cars 2 VG - Medium
  • Brand New Fillmore - Cars 2 VG - Heavy
  • Midnight Francesco - Cars 2 VG - Medium
  • Ramone, Purple - Normal's Is The Green One Seen In Cars 2, This Is His "Normal" - Medium
  • Reversed Raoul - All Blue Is Replaced By Red, Red Replaced By Blue, Reversed - Light
  • Reversed Nigel - All Dark Green Replaced By Lighter, Lighter Replaced by Darker - Medium
  • Reversed Francesco - All Green Replaced By Red, Red Replaced By Green - Medium
  • Reversed Carla - All Green Replaced By Blue, Blue Replaced By Green - Medium
  • Reversed Shu - All White Replaced by Red, Red Replaced By White - Medium


  • Story Mode - Returning from previous Cars Games, all places from Carburetor, Tokyo, Porto Corsa, London, Paris, Oil Riggs and Germany would be free to explore
  • Road Races - Normal Races, 4 Laps = Average
  • WGP Races - Track Races wth the 11 WGP playable only, longer then Road, Relay, or Battle Races, 10 Laps = Average
  • Battle Races - Races with Weapons and extra lap, 5 Laps = Average
  • Replay Races - On each lap switch between 3 different cars, 3 Laps, 1 Per Car
  • Attack - Drive around a track eliminating lemons, in this game there will be Purple Gremlins, Green Hugos, Yellow Trunkovs, Red Pacers, and explosive trucks as target practice
  • Hunter - Drive around an Arena eliminating enemies, same enemies as Attack but including the explosive trucks unlike last game, there are 6 rounds that get harder and harder, Acer and Grem will appear on the last round (5 and 6 if on Average, 3 - 6 on Hard) and will be extremely difficult compared to other targets
  • Missions - They're unlike the rest of the modes, they are played in levels as one of the structures of Story Mode, Finn, Holley, or Mater will play through every mission and Lightning will be played through every race in story mode, there are 30 missions and 40 races in story mode, Story will work like other games with free explore, Missions will be selected from "Mission Select" can also be played on multiplayer as every other mode
  • Arena (Multi Only) - Players will choose weapons and fight, up to 4 players and teams can be selected
  • Disruptor (Multi Only) - Players will choose weapons and fight with a 'Capture The Flag' Style, teams will be selected.


  • LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!!But you should let us explore Radiator Springs (Includes Ornament Valley and Tailfin Pass),Tokyo,Italy,Paris,London and if you complete Story Mode you get the simulation and the Oil Rig. (OctaneMcsmasher: Yes, the places from the original cars games in there, I was thinking the WGP races in Carburetor County can go through all of those as well, and maybe the oil rigg on spy missions as well? This would be about as much places as Race O Rama has. Thanks for your opinion!)xavier.Mabye if the cars win races.They could get a locked character.Would that be nice


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