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Hey here you'll find secerts stuff and more, latest updates & stuff. These are the codes we need: Todd: ????-????-????-???? Mini: ????-????-????-???? Milton Calypeer: ????-????-????-???? Van: ????-????-????-???? Vitoline pitty: SECRET :) Vitoline: ????-????-????-????

People Please feed us codes please update on codes please!! :.) We need codes.

I need some race codes and you probably do too soooooo.... go to to order toys and get the codes you can also try this website for more results! >>>> Recent: HEY EVERY TEN MINUTES AT THE WHEEL WELL BRIDGE IT OPENS!! LOL NO ONE SAW THAT COMING : From, Champ Parkingcrusher.

You gotta love glitches, go to the top left VERY TOP LEFT corner of radiator springs " BEHIND THE COURTHOUSE" you will see a weird figure like a car or something, WEIRD RIGHT!!! Now thats a glitch! WE ALL LOVE GLITCHES.

TRY THIS!!!>>>>



I love race codes and so do u ... i think lol but.. i need some... christmas.. im gonna get toys for christmas! yay!!! omg !!! :D bye!!



O O.jpg

I LIKE THESE PICTURES, THEY ARE COOL ^^^ LOL :.) I love pictures from my top secret website :). im gonna get some race codes on for christmas!!! yay!! i love race codes aka what i was saying Feed us race codes!! :D please! I found a cra-z race code on someones profile it is: Maters instersitals #1 & #2 & #3 WHAT is it people tell us!! Im gonna get a race code for christmas called: Sarges Boot Camp :D I want it so bad but u know what they say.... um.... anyway im gonna get sarges boot camp i cant wait. I'll update you when i get it! BYE UNTIL next time.

) :) :) :)!!!!!!!! If you like cars and you r on here the go to the website above!

You can order toys " NOT FOR FREE!!! " and if they have any race codes,post em here! I want bumper $ave because its cool, POST PICTURES HERE AND CODES for a big thanks! from me champ parkingcrusher. Can you post here. please don't edit all of this just put your RARE code here please!!! Im also gonna get dinoco lighting mcqueen with piston cup :.) YAY!! I love codes so much post em here. I will LOVE you if you post a UNUSED pizza planet todd code here you will be my angel if you do! :.) well... maybe not my angel but post codes here please any RARE codes go on my blog please.

LIKE IT? FOLLOW MY PAGE FOR MOST RECENT RACE CODES! if you gimme a code my day will be happy and i need pizza planet todd plz plz i will give a big thanks to you! Message me how to make awards because i want to and i want to make some so please tell me. Hey I need to know ANY glitches in c'mon I dont bite, post glitches! wee need followers. I'm gonna need some more glitches and codes because I'm anxious for christmas,... WISH ME LUCK! :)!!!! :D Whos ready for christmas!!?? Lets go to and order toys with codes! please put ur codes on here if u dont have em then keep em i just need some! Im getting sarges boot camp!! omg!! yay!!!


FEW DAYS UNTIL christmas people! yay :) i cant wait. Write here what you think youll get for christmas! I cant wait to hear comments :)... maybe!. Hey u know wat i love, i love snow because i have the toy "Leroy Traffik Snow Tires" and i cant wait to drive him in the snow! im bored -_- I'm updating right now and its.... um.... brb.... i need to figure this out... um.. OH!.... 25 more days until christmas... I'm getting cool WOC stuff and im also getting um... OTHER STUFF so if ur following than your awesome but if your not than... ill get mad! or something. I'm glad to update for u and have a good christmas! The next time ill update is on ( december 5th and ill tell u some race codes.... i guess so... bye! OH by the way there is a toy of rip clutchcon whatever from cars 2. I found a toy on ebay of rip clutchcongeski and its fake which i hate but here is my next update... i found a weird code of race official tom. Next update, on Dec 15. 12/06/11 bored -_- 18 days until... a... day. i love :) :D but im still bored -_-, well im updating early so forget the next update on dec 15 its NOW :) - cough - im building a small diecast model of radiator springs. its gonna be awesome my customs i made so far are sallys cozy cone, sarges surplus hut, fillmores taste-in and the drive in theatre. IT LOOKS so cool and i hope to get a picture and put it on here. i didnt even need help from GotFrank but he is awesome and i got my inspiration from him with my town so now it looks awesome it took alot of research and finding pictures, i didnt need help with it. go to :D hey ppl its only... a few more days till christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D OMG four more days until CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST TALKED TO THE AWESOME GRUMPY SNOWGUARD HE IS COOL :D Four day count down ( this means i will update all four days until christmas ) IM OFFICIALLY GETTING LIZZIES CURIO SHOP, flos v8 cafe, ramones house of body art, and luigis casa della tires, and impound boost, wingo, snotrod, and dj :). kk im finally updating ( heres your update ☺ ) BYE! lolololol i wanna get inna chat with my friendz on woc. OH MY GOD THE WORLD OF CARS ONLINE IS CLOSED IM GONNA TELL THOSE WORTHLESS NO GOOD PIECES OF CRAP OFF, I HATE IT WOC BEING CLOSED IM SO MAD RIGHT NOW - punches wall - ahhhhh much better. WORLD OF CARS IS BACK OPEN ILL GIVE THE LINK : Type in on Google : World of cars online contests then click : World of cars online | World of cars YOULL NEED TO MAKE A NEW CAR BUT, ITS WORTH IT, AND YES IF YOU FAINTED, DAMN RIGHT I SAID WOC IS BACK OPEN!! Happy crappiest holiday of the year! -_- chocolate sickness and too much love, girls walking over to u.. :) i love u :D UGH i would just say i'm not ready to die yet lol BUT if its a hot girl, YES YES YES lol, btw my name is alex. This page is clogged up with random crap, i need help, ooh! ill tell jokes, later, bye. ┌I╕Φì╞┌oÜ8♀╞,§b6M▐ⁿ it reminds me of woc :(((((((((((((( lOl :) :) :) :P :P :P :O :O :O :L :L :L >:> heres to cheer u up :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) MY COMPUTER TAKES TOO LONG TO LOAD OH MY GOSH AAH!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANT TAKE IT, lol jk bye well, since my CRAPPY computer is a school computer i cant get to joke pages!!!!!!!!! AAH!!!!!!!! ILL MAKE UP MY OWN IF I HAVE TO :) --- Why did the farmer eat cake...? - answer -> NO ONE FREAKING KNOWS, see.. thats the joke... Nothingness is the joke, There was an old farmer who lived on a rock, he sat in the meadow just shaking his FIST at some boys who were down in the crick... LOL! Its a game called, GUESS MY AGE... try to guess it... post ur ideas here>> . ???????????????????????????????????? lol :P


coloncee is cool.... 0_= black eye 1 2 3 4 Minecraft is BY FAR my most favorite game ever.

This just in, The most rare Cars 2 character is......... Long Ge, he is a very rare Character.

It's Official, Zuzana Kajnarová Is the Lady Who Voices Kori Turbowitz From Cars.

List of Cars characters: Lightning, Mater, Sally, Doc, Ramone, Flo, Luigi, Guido, Sheriff, King, Chick, Mack, Sarge, Fillmore, Lizzie, Red, Darrell, Bob, Dale, Mario, Tex, Boost, Wingo, Dj, Snotrod, Tractor, Fred, Dusty, Rusty, Mia & Tia, Ferrari F430, Mrs. King, Kori, Bruiser, Not chuck, Frank, Stanley, Bessie, Tom, Mrs. Van, Mr. Van, Artie, Aloft, Barney, Albert, Charlie, Sven, Jay limo, Kathy, Tj hummer, Rotor Turbosky, Tow, R.M., Larry, Dexter, Richard, Aiken Axler, Claude Scruggs, Winford Bradford Rutherford, Todd Marcus, Billy Oilchanger, Crusty Rotor, Floyd Mulvihill, Rusty Cornfuel, Dirkson D'Agostino, Darren Leadfoot, Slider Petrolski, Davey Apex, Ernie Gearson, Lee Revkins, Manny Flywheel, Ryan shields, Murray Clutchburn, James Cleanair, Eugene Carbureski, Kevin Racingtire, Ruby Oaks, Johnny Blamer, Chuck armstrong, Brush Curber, Haul Inngas, Ponchy Wipeout, Ralph Carlow, Misti Motorkrass, Kevin shiftright, Matthew Overtaker, Greg Candyman, Sage Vanderspin, Dudley Spare, Stacy, Hamm Centercut, Yeti, Buzz Light Car, Woody, P.T. Flea, Flik, Mike Wazowski, Sulley, Chuki, Luke Pettlework, "Petrol" Pulaski, Roman Dunes, Leroy Traffik, Axle Accelerator, Marco, Edwin Kranks, Dustin Mellows, Ron Hover, Earl Filter, Shirley Spinout, Senior Trax, Hugo Fast, Nebekenezer Schmidt, Jerry Drivechain, Chief RPM, Trunk Fresh Pitty, Piccolo Perry, Ernest B. Raykes, Greta, Easy Idle Pitty, Hank "halloween" murphy, Gray, Rod, Timothy Twostroke, Chuck Manifold, Milton Calypeer, Jerry Recycled Batteries, Andrea, Wally, Elvis RV, Chick hicks pitty wide, Manny, Pizza planet todd, Vitoline Pitty, N2O Cola Pitty, Gil, Patty, Costanzo Della Corsa, Dinocuties, Skip Ricter, Polly Puddlejumper, Mood Springs Pitty, Marion "Clutches" McKay, Vroomaroundus Bugus, Marco Axelbender, Chief Chick, Houser Boon, Dash Boardman, Paul Valdez, Chet Boxkaar, Oliver Lightload, Ben Crankleshaft, Syd VanDerKamper, Hooman, Coriander Widetrack, Dan Sclarkenberg, The Autobahn Society, Bertha Butterswagon, Bud, Brian, Jonathan Wrenchworths, Alarm Clock, Donna Pits, Tim Rimmer, Frank "Pinky" Pinkerton, PT Flea's Circus, Bennie Caliper, Clayton Gentlebreeze, Miles "Meattruck" Malone, Nelson Blindspot, Marty Brakeburst, Wilmar Flattz, Mathew "True Blue" McCrew, Milo, Valerie Veate, Marilyn, Nick Stickers, Derek "Decals" Dobbs, Murphy, Timothy "Timezone" Truecoat, Mildred Bylane, Bert, Johnny and Jamie, "Studs" McGirdle, The Convoy Brothers, Alphanumeros, Barry Diesel, Vern, Trev Diesel, Benny Brakedrum, Kit Revster, Antonio Veloce Eccellente, Chuck Choke Cables, Cora Copper, Matti, Bernie Banks, Duff Wrecks, Percy Hanbrakes, Swift Alternetter, Screamin' Banshee. WOW that's a list.

Justin Beiber proof>> I think I'm gonna end my wiki, I need to get along with my life... WASSUP champ here wit some news..... um...... I have no news :P My newest cars toy is apple car.. I dont think anyone follows my wiki :( If you follow my wiki you can talk to me and say 'I' on my talk page :) Chick hicks is rude so I NEVER go on his wiki, and when i see a pic of him i bite my arm off.

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Cars 2 Released diecasts: Rod Torque, Petrov Trunkov, Jeff Gorvette, Tyler Gremlin, Nigel gearsley, TBC...( to be continued ) I describe my wiki as Weird Informational Kool Important.


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Tune in may 10th to see MY new World of cars. Here are the screenshots, these are made by ME! I'd like to give a big thanks to and Wiki for providing screenshots for me to put them together here is what I made so far.

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I'm bored, I feel like... I don't know... I have a big hole in my head, I have to go to the doctor to get it checked, I'm ok though. It is an abcess. It hurts. Anyway, I miss WOC so bad, I can't wait for happy monsterwheel's WOC. Its gonna be fun.