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Bruno Motoreau is an executive car, that is a former off-road racing driver and later Raoul ÇaRoule's trainer and crew chief during his racing competitions, including World Grand Prix.


Bruno Motoreau in the pit stop during World Grand Prix race in Tokyo, Japan in 2011.

Motoreau comes from a long family line of rally racers from France. He was a cultured car that played the accordion, liked romantic drives along the Seine river. His favorite movie was The Engine of Dr. Motoreau. He was a rally race car. During his career, his hydraulic suspension helped him in various situations both on and off the race track. As an experienced off-road racer he had became the trainer and crew chief of Raoul ÇaRoule, a famous GRC race car. In 2011 he was the crew chief of ÇaRoule's race team that consisted of 5 forklifts, including E. Manual Maniez.

Physical description

He is an 1967 Citroën DS, that is painted in Raoul's team colors, blue with red and white striping. He had the coat of arms with colors of the French flag on his door. He also had brown eyes. His license plate is 02-ZS8.

Official profiles

  • Don't let his tough-guy name fool you, Bruno is really a softie. He plays the accordion, likes romantic drives along the Seine, and his favorite movie is The Engine of Dr. Motoreau. But just because he's cultured doesn't mean he can't race. He comes from a long line of French rally racers, and his hydraulic suspension has helped him rise above many difficult situations, both on and off the track. This ability to handle all terrains in any situation led him to Raoul ÇaRoule, and the pair is rallying for victory at the World Grand Prix!


  • His name might be a pun to Doctor Moreau, character from The Island of Doctor Moreau, an 1896 science fiction novel by author H. G. Wells.



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