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Hey all! Sparks here!

Pit Crew Artist Turbo just sent me a drawing. I'm supposed to keep it to myself.

But I'm hoping Turbo won't read this blog, because I really want you to check this out!

It’s a concept drawing. This is how pro artists like Pit Crew Turbo sketch out their designs for new areas. It goes through a lot of changes before it's done. So when it’s in World of Cars it won’t look exactly like this.

This is the entrance area to Backfire Canyon Speedway!

Blog backfireconcept.jpg

I've heard that Backfire Canyon Speedway is the most dangerous Piston Cup Pro Track yet. Got any ideas about what those “dangers” could be?

To compete and find out, you’ll need to be a Big Heartland Speedway Champ with 380,000 racing points. So get out on the racetracks this week and earn the rest of your racing points.

Backfire Canyon Speedway is coming soon. It’s gonna be a blast!

Keep Coolant! SPARKS

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