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"Time to turn it up!"
DJ, Cars: Fast as Lightning

Devon Montegomery Johnston III, better known by his nickname, DJ, is a recurring character in the Cars series. A member of the Delinquent Road Hazards, a gang of tuner cars consisting of himself, Boost, Snot Rod, and Wingo, DJ usually supplies the music for the group and is usually portrayed as an antagonist to the Radiator Springs residents, though he has been shown to be an ally of them on some occasions.



DJ in Cars.

In Cars, DJ, Boost, Wingo, and Snot Rod are driving recklessly along the Interstate when they notice a sleepy Mack, and begin to mess around with him. After DJ puts Mack asleep by playing Kenny G's "Songbird" on his stereo, Boost and Wingo push him back and forth between lanes, causing one of Lightning McQueen's trophies to fall onto the trailer release lever, opening the back door. When Snot Rod sneezes, Mack jolts awake, causing McQueen to fall out of the trailer, and the four cars flee the scene.

During the film's epilogue, Sheriff catches DJ and his friends after they speed by him. The gang members are impounded, and are sentenced to pull Bessie on the road between Ramone's House of Body Art and Flo's V8 Café, who splatters hot tar all over them.

Cars: The Video Game

Cars: The Video Game.

In Cars: The Video Game, DJ first appears as one of the speeders that Sheriff must chase down in the "Delinquents" level of Sheriff's Hot Pursuit, alongside Sonny and Wingo.

DJ and his friends are first seen in the cutscene for Delinquent Road Hazards, where they prevent Lightning from entering a certain road in Tailfin Pass, and McQueen responds by challenging them to a race, and trashtalking them. After Lightning wins, they tell him it "isn't over", and angrily speed away.

Shortly after this event, Chick Hicks hires the Delinquent Road Hazards to rob Mack of Lightning's gear, which is shown in the minigame High Speed Heist, where the player takes control of DJ, Boost, and Wingo, with each character doing a different task; DJ must navigate through traffic until he reaches Mack and puts him to sleep, while Snot Rod holds a ramp for Boost as he jumps on top of Mack and opens the trailer, and Wingo collects Lightning's gear while avoiding other obstacles that fall out of the trailer.

The next day, Mack contacts Lightning and Sheriff and informs them of what has happened, and Lightning responds by racing out to the Interstate and stealing back the gear, by bumping each tuner until he has recovered all twelve of his stolen boxes. When they are put in the Impound, the tuners tell Sheriff and McQueen that they were hired by "some green car with a mustache", leading Lightning to confront Chick at the next Piston Cup race, which results in a three-race event titled the "Radiator Springs Grand Prix", with races in all three areas of Carburetor County, followed by the final Piston Cup race.

Cars: Radiator Springs Adventures

DJ in Cars: Radiator Springs Adventures.

In Cars: Radiator Springs Adventures, DJ, along with the rest of his gang, are the speeders that Sheriff must catch in the mini-game Speed Trap.

Cars: Mater-National: Championship

While DJ does not appear in Cars: Mater-National Championship, a non-playable character listing for him can be found within the game's files, suggesting that he was intended to make an appearance in the game.

Cars Toons

Tokyo Mater

In Tokyo Mater, DJ, Boost and Wingo are drifting recklessly on the main road, before they get caught by Sheriff. Once Mater sees their modifications, it leads him into his story of how he was a highly modified drift racer once. DJ can later be seen in the group of cars that are surrounding Mater after his victory against Kabuto.


Ramone and DJ in Spinning.

In Spinning, DJ is in the crowd watching Guido showing off his sign-spinning talents, and Ramone tells him to play some music to add to the show.

The World of Cars Online

In The World of Cars Online, all four members of the Delinquent Road Hazards would appear speeding through Radiator Springs at random times, with Sheriff in pursuit of them. Additionally, they would also appear as opponents in races at Radiator Springs, if the player wished to practice instead of race against other players.

Cars 2: The Video Game

DJ preparing for a race against Chick Hicks and Miguel Camino.

In Cars 2: The Video Game, DJ is a downloadable playable character that can purchased from the Xbox 360 and PlayStation stores for their respective version of the game, for either $0.99 separately, or as part of the Road Hazards bundle with Wingo, Snot Rod, and Boost for $2.99.

DJ is a medium weight character, and possesses more power than speed.

Cars: Fast as Lightning

In Cars: Fast as Lightning, DJ is an unlockable playable character, obtained by earning all of his stickers from Wingo's story races. He has two paint jobs, Neon and Stay Gold, and is the only Delinquent Road Hazard to not have his own shop or building.

Cars: Lightning League

In Cars: Lightning League, DJ is an unlockable playable character.

Other appearances

DJ also makes appearance in Mater Saves Christmas, in which DJ and his gang help Chick steal supplies from the townsfolk, but is later caught and arrested, as well as The Pit Stop, where DJ is once again arrested for speeding.

General information

Physical description

Promotional artwork of DJ.

DJ is a Reko-Do Spinner, a model that closely resembles a 2004 Scion XB, also known as a Toyota bB in Japan. He has a large tuner spoiler and built in subwoofers and speakers. He is painted completely blue, with green lining on his doors. He also has volume indicators in his rims, as shown when he drives.

Personality and traits

DJ is a delinquent that appears to not pay attention to the rules, as he and his gang are constantly getting arrested for breaking the law. He has a love for practical jokes, as he and his friends put Mack to sleep in the middle of the highway.


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Profiles and statistics


  • Bios
    • "From an early age DJ, whose full name is Devon Montegomery Johnston the Third, was interested in all kinds of music. He had a voracious appetite for collecting records and was a gifted student at the nationally renowned East Coast Music Conservatory. One evening at a friend's party, Devon met a gentleman by the name of Wingo. An expert in paint and body modification, Wingo designed a custom paint job for Devon and a wicked sound system to match. Now going by the name DJ, Devon revels in his treble but never loses touch with his bass!"[1]

Cars: The Video Game

  • Stats
    • Speed: 0
    • Acceleration: 0
    • Handling: 0
    • Stability: 0

Cars 2: The Video Game

  • Bios
    • "DJ can find a song for any occasion... But right now, the soundtrack is all about spying."
  • Stats
    • Weight class: Medium
    • Speed: 40
    • Power: 60

Cars: Fast as Lightning



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  • "What up?" - Cars
  • "No, he means it's closed to you." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "I said it's closed to you!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Hey, wait a - " - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Oh, it's on!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "It's bedtime." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Hey, where'd you get those rims?" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Yo, where'd you get the bolt man? That's nice." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Aww, man, I think I blew out a speaker." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "What are you doing?! You're gonna blow out the speaker!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "You... quit it. Man, you're skipping my music." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Yeah, it's all about the right tunes." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "You takin' notes?" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Don't be a hater." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Hey, sleepy! You snoozin' back there or what?" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Yo! Back off, dude!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Right, I'm out." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Booyah!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Off the hook." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Sup, man." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "S'UP WITH THAT?! I'm not speeding!'' - Cars: Radiator Springs Adventures
  • "You got a problem, officer?" - Cars: Radiator Springs Adventures
  • "Your siren was so loud, I got distracted!" - Cars: Radiator Springs Adventures
  • "Uh, sorry about that, officer. I couldn't hear you 'cause the tunes were cranked." - Cars: Radiator Springs Adventures
  • "Ah, are you kiddin'? I wasn't speedin’!" - Cars: Radiator Springs Adventures
  • "Let's get it started." - Cars 2: The Video Game
  • "Time to drop a beat!" - Cars 2: The Video Game
  • "S'up with you?" - Cars: Fast as Lightning
  • "If you can't dance then get off the floor." - Cars: Fast as Lightning
  • "In the zone." - Cars: Fast as Lightning
  • "Oh, yeah!" - Cars: Fast as Lightning
  • "See ya around bro." - Cars: Fast as Lightning
  • "Man! I think this new sub's wayin' me down!" - Cars: Fast as Lightning
  • "Oh, no!" - Cars: Fast as Lightning


  • While DJ's license plate states that his hometown is Treble Town,[citation needed] he has come to visit Tokyo in Tokyo Mater depicts him as one of Tokyo's residents, making it unclear where DJ's true town of origin is.
  • In the Car Finder game, it is revealed that DJ's real name is ''Devon Montegomery Johnston III''.
  • DJ's original die-cast depicted him with blue stripes rather than green. This was corrected in 2009, but the incorrect striping returned on his 2015 re-release.
  • The song DJ plays in his introduction is "Rollin' in the Rearview" by Headbone and Jabu.
  • Despite Cars: Lightning League being used to promote Cars 3, DJ appears as a playable character, despite him not appearing in the film at all.



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