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After Winning Piston Cup


LA International Speedway

Dinoco is the sponsor of The King. The owner of Dinoco is Tex Dinoco. It was also one of the Los Angeles International Speedway sponsors. Dinoco is a sponsor at the Motor Speedway of the South, And can be acquired by beating that race.


  • In Toy Story, Buzz and Woody got lost at a Dinoco Gas Station, but the colors of the sign looked different from the actual logo.
  • Dinoco has the most Piston Cup wins with 15. While Gaskits is in 2nd place with just 8 piston cup wins, and Rust-Eze is in 3rd place with just 4 piston cup wins. No-Stall is in 4th place with 3 piston cup wins, Transberry Juice in 5th place with 2 piston cup wins and HTB is 6th with 1 piston cup win back in 2005 [aka the Cars 2006 film]. The other sponsors had none but most of them did finish in the top 10 and top 5.