Downtown Radiator Springs

Radiator Springs
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End of May 2010 (in World of Cars Online)



Places of interest

Lightning McQueen's HQ, Sally's shop, Ramone's shop, etc.

Downtown Radiator Springs is a friendly town where there are friendly cars which sold items, upgrades for your Car, etc. A few citizens are Lightning McQueen, Sally, Doc Hudson, Red, Luigi, Guido, Ramone and many other cars.

  • The main road that ran down the road connects to all the shops in town.
  • First, there is Lightning McQueens Pro Shop, which from there you can purchase parts for your car, and boosts for your cars. In the back lot of the shop is an arcade game where you can play Lightning Storm Space Assualt.
  • Next is Mater's junkyard which is where you can purchase items for your yard.
  • A little more down the road, you'll come upon Fillmore's shop. Here is a store for buying fizzy fuels.
  • Next to Fillmore's is Sarge's Surplus. Here, there are traps to slow your rivals down in races.
  • Soon you will see the Cozy Cone Gift Shop. Which you can buy flowers and fountains for your yard.
  • Next is Flo's V8 Cafe. Here is a place where Cars hang out and talk.
  • Lizzie's Curio Shop, which is just a building, you cannot go inside or anything.
  • Then you'll come upon Luigi's Casa Della Tires. Here you can buy tires to outfit your Car with, there is also a minigame in the back.
  • Right across the road is Ramone's House of Body Art. There are 2 entrances. To the first one which is on the main road is the store access. Here there are paints that you can purchase, already designed paints and some more parts. The other one on the side road, is to play a mini-game game called Ramone's Paint Blaster.
  • Right next to Ramone's is The Great Outdoors Store. Here you can purchase trees and stuff for your yard.
  • Before you pass the intersection to Ramone's and Luigi's, go to the right and you will see a square room with 2 entrances. It's a racetrack which is somewhat an oval with a dirt road in the middle which serves as a shortcut. It is called Carburetor County Speedway.

Connects To

Northwest- Willy's Butte

Northeast- Fillmore's Fields

West- Redhood Valley

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