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Current Actions Bar (with "The Ramone")

Your Car could've done several different actions. To perform them, you had to click the icons on your Actions bar. These actions were:


 Laugh, Rev Engine, Smile, The Ramone, Wave, Wink, and Yuck!.

Special Actions


Breakdancing came in 2010 when you turned on the tap on a fountain in Fillmore's Fields, and it also came out during the New Year 2011, and when cars get on Redhood Valley Stage, would start to breakdance. It would usually do acrobatic moves such as jump up and flip. It also appeared in the Radiator Springs Stage and the Willy's Butte Stage.


This move came out as Skating during the Mack's Holiday Bash ('N' Crash) 2010, and you could perform it at the Holiday Ice Rink.

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