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Want some organic fuel!

–Fillmore to McQueen

Fillmore is a character in many Cars series.


Fillmore is a organic farmer in the movie Cars. He is a hippie from the 70's/ 80's and one of his friends is Sarge. He is also a 1960 Volkswagen Samba. He was voiced by George Carlin, but sadly Fillmore's voice actor died of a heart failure in June 2008, so in Cars 2, he was voiced by Lloyd Sherr.

In World Of Cars, he gave quests and sold fizzy fuels. He was once robbed of fizzy fuels by whom they say was a green car with a black grill.


CARS 2 - Fillmore

Fillmore 360

In the Videogame


Radiator Springs' resident hippie Fillmore is an easy-going, peace-loving 1960's Volkswagen van, and as his friend and neighbor Sarge likes to say, "Once a hippie, always a hippie." At his popular shop, Fillmore's Taste-In, Fillmore brews his own fuel, which he sells with Bohemian accessories like tie-dyed mud flaps. But when he learns that the World Grand Prix will be run exclusively on the alternative fuel Allinol, Fillmore closes up shop and signs on as the fuel expert for Team Lightning McQueen.


There has been 4 actors who have voiced Fillmore, which is quite a lot for just a single character.

  • George Carlin (Cars, Mater and the Ghostlight, UFM (archived records))
  • Brian George (Cars Mater-National)
  • Mark Silverman (Cars Race-O-Rama)
  • Lloyd Sherr (Cars 2)

World of Cars Online

Fillmore played a major role in World of Cars, he owns Fillmore's Fields and he makes Fizzy Fuels, which were fuels you could buy for your Car that made them do special actions, such as burping and backfiring. Fillmore opened up a minigame where you can help him make Fizzy Fuels. His fuel mixing area was sabotaged in August 2010 by Chick Hicks.