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Fillmore is a light commercial vehicle/full size van, that is a shop owner, owning the Fillmore's Taste-In in which he sold organic fuels and hippie-themed merch. He is a member of Lightning McQueen crew team during his races, notably being part of the team in 2006, 2011 and 2016.

He is a hippie and resided in Radiator Springs, Arizona, United States. He is the best friend of Sarge.

Creation and development

Some of the Cars staff members have said that Fillmore was to originally be named Waldmire, after a Route 66 resident that the crew befriended on their road trip to research the film. However, his namesake was a vegan, and since Fillmore toys would be featured in McDonald's happy meals, he didn't want the character to use his name, and the name was soon changed to Fillmore.



Fillmore watches the traffic light, much to Sarge's annoyance.

In Cars, Fillmore is watching the light with Sarge and Ramone when Lightning comes speeding through Radiator Springs with Sheriff in pursuit. The two later become friends toward the end of the movie, when Lightning consults him for a fuel change.

Cars: The Video Game

In Cars: The Video Game, Fillmore continues to brew up batches of special boost juice for Lightning. He also appears as an opponent in the races Boostin' with Fillmore, Sarge's Off-Road Challenge, and Doc's Check-Up. He is only playable in the PSP version of the game.

Mater and the Ghostlight

In Mater and the Ghostlight, Fillmore is at Flo's V8 Cafe with the rest of Radiator Springs, listening as Sheriff tells his story about the Ghostlight.

Cars: Mater-National Championship

Fillmore's first playable video game appearance, Cars: Mater-National Championship.

In Cars: Mater-National Championship, Fillmore is now a playable character, unlocked from the start of the game. His stats are 5 for boost, 1 for acceleration, 3 for handling, and 5 for stability.

He also makes appearances as an opponent in story mode, in the race Ornament Valley Airport, and the 4th level of Doc and the Law's Race 'n' Chase. He is also part of the player's team in Luigi and Guido's Team Relay 3, along with Lightning and Doc.

Cars Toons

Mater the Greater

In Mater the Greater, Fillmore makes a cameo at Flo's V8 Café, before Mater dives into his story about how he was once a daredevil.

Tokyo Mater

In Tokyo Mater, Fillmore can be briefly seen behind Sheriff, Mater and Lightning, before Mater tells his story.

Unidentified Flying Mater

In Unidentified Flying Mater, while Mater and Mator are flying around Radiator Springs, they pass Fillmore, causing him to nervously push his drink of oil aside.

Heavy Metal Mater

In Heavy Metal Mater, Fillmore makes another cameo at Flo's V8 Café

Monster Truck Mater

Fillmore's cameo in Monster Truck Mater.

In Monster Truck Mater, Fillmore is seen in his usual spot at Flo's V8 Café, before Mater begins his story.


In Hiccups, Fillmore tries to cure Lightning's hiccups by giving him some of his homemade fuel, only to make fire come out of his mouth.


In Spinning, Fillmore is part of the crowd watching in amazement as Guido twirls his sign outside of Luigi's Casa Della Tires.

Cars: Race-O-Rama

In Cars: Race-O-Rama, Fillmore returns as a playable character, and also can be seen during some races in story mode.

The World of Cars Online

Fillmore in The World of Cars Online

In The World of Cars Online, Fillmore played a major role, as he owns Fillmore's Fields and he makes Fizzy Fuels, which were fuels you could buy for your car that made them do special actions, such as burping and backfiring. Fillmore opened up a minigame where you can help him make Fizzy Fuels. His fuel mixing area was sabotaged in August 2010 by Chick Hicks.

Cars 2

In Cars 2, he first appears welcoming Lightning back home. Then he appears at the Wheel Well Motel, where Guido serves him, Sarge, and Luigi some drinks. Then he watches the Mel Dorado show with Sarge on the TV in the place. Then when he finds out that Lightning is going to join the World Grand Prix, he decides to join his pit crew.

Fillmore and the rest of the pit crew got on the plane, and flew to Tokyo. There, they went seeing some of the sights in Tokyo. And then, he was at the party in Tokyo. Then when the party was over, Fillmore, along with the rest of the pit crew, wondered what was up with Mater.

The remaining members of Team McQueen read Mater's letter.

The next day, he was in the pits with the rest of the pit crew, helping Lightning to win the race. Then, he and the rest of the pit crew saw Mater's letter and started to cry.

Later, he and the rest of the pit crew went to Santa Ruotina, where Luigi's Uncle, Uncle Topolino lived. Then during the race in Porto Corsa, he notices that Lightning looks sad. He thinks that Lightning is worried that the fuel will blow up his engine, so he says to Lightning that the fuel is safe, only that Lightning replies that he wishes that Mater was with him.

Later, when they are in London, he was again in Lightning's pit crew, helping him through the race. Then when Mater came, he was surprised to see him. Then when he saw Mater using rockets, he was even more surprised. He wasn't seen fighting the lemons, probably because he's a pacifist.

Then when they get home, everyone wonders why Lightning didn't get killed by the lemons' camera. Then Fillmore reveals that Sarge switched Lightning's fuel with his organic biofuel.

Cars 2: The Video Game

An alternate skin for Fillmore, Brand New Fillmore.

In Cars 2: The Video Game, Fillmore makes another appearance as a playable character, unlocked once access to Clearance Level 2 is granted. An alternate skin of him, titled Brand New Fillmore, can be unlocked by earning the Ready, Set, Go! badge. Both versions of him are heavy weights.

Disney Infinity

In Disney Infinity, Fillmore is a cast member in the Cars Play Set. He gives the player the missions, Corny Concoction, Fillmore's Ultimate Fuel, Tractor Rescue, Gourd Gatherer, and Tricky, Tricky. He can be unlocked as a toy box townsperson in the Toy Box by opening a character chest.

Cars: Fast as Lightning

In Cars: Fast as Lightning, Fillmore is an unlockable playable character, unlocked once all of his stickers have been collected by Chick Hicks.

Cars 3

Fillmore in Radiator Springs

Fillmore attends most of the Piston Cup races as a member of Lightning's pit crew. Later, he says goodbye, along with the rest of the Radiator Springs gang, to Lightning before his trip to the Rust-eze Racing Center. He and Sarge also take turns running Luigi's Casa Della Tires in Luigi and Guido's absences. At the Florida 500, he helps in getting Cruz Ramirez ready to enter the race and attends the race between Lightning and Cruz at Willy's Butte.

Pixar Popcorn

Unparalleled Parking, while some of the town's people are playing the park game, Fillmore may appear looking at them.

Dancing with the Cars, Fillmore can be seen dancing with the rest of the town.

Cars Land

In Cars Land, Fillmore will be serving fruits and vegetables at Fillmore's Taste-In. He also appears at Flo's V8 Café in Radiator Springs Racers next to Sarge, who sees the riders coming into town and says, "Incoming!" Fillmore then exclaims that he is falling in love, only to have Sarge tell him that it's just a bad spark plug.

General information

Physical description and traits


CARS 2 - Fillmore

Turntable video of Fillmore.

Fillmore is modeled after a 1960 Volkswagen Type 2 Bus, to support the fact that he is an older car. This type of car, often called a Hippie Bus/Van, was a popular mode of transportation among hippies and people who shared a culture like Fillmore's. In fact, the buses were often painted and decorated to reflect the values of the hippies, similar to the designs painted on Fillmore.

His license plate reads 51237, a reference to his first actor, George Carlin's birthday (May 12, 1937).

Fillmore is painted like a mint shade of green, with Peace, Groovy, and Love painted on either sides of his doors, as well as various swirl and flower designs. On his front, he has the VW logo, as well as chrome headlights. He has green rims, surrounded of course by black tire treads. He has his license plate on the front.

Personality and traits

Fillmore has a calm nature, sporting the mood of peace and love. He has a love for organic fuel, and brews his own brand right in Radiator Springs.

Powers and abilities

Fillmore has shown to have decent racing abilities, with outstanding boost and stability, though his acceleration is weak, with decent handling as well, as seen in the Cars video games.


Sarge yells at Fillmore for playing his music.

Though Fillmore and Sarge argue all the time, the two are actually very good friends at heart. Some of his other friends include Lightning McQueen, who he works as a team member for, and various other Radiator Springs townspeople such as Ramone, Flo, and Luigi.

Fillmore has also shown dislike towards Professor Z and his team of lemons, who his friends fought in London.


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Profiles and statistics


  • Bios
    • "Fillmore is Radiator Springs' resident hippie. A believer in individuality and all things natural, he brews his own organic fuel and preaches its many benefits. Visitors can try Fillmore's special flavors in the tasting room behind his love-bead and tie-dye-covered geodesic dome. His many conspiracy theories and "naturally" unkempt yard drive his neighbor Sarge absolutely crazy."

Cars: Mater-National Championship

  • Stats
    • Boost: 5
    • Acceleration: 1
    • Handling: 3
    • Stability: 5

Cars: Race-O-Rama

  • Paint jobs: 1
  • Unlocking criteria: Unknown

Cars 2

  • Bio
    • "Radiator Springs' resident hippie Fillmore is an easy-going, peace-loving 1960s Volkswagen van. And as his friend and neighbor Sarge likes to say, "once a hippie, always a hippie." At his popular shop Fillmore's Taste-In, Fillmore brews his own fuel, which he sells with Bohemian accessories like tie-dyed mud flaps. But when he learns that the World Grand Prix will be run exclusively on the alternative fuel Allinol, Fillmore closes up shop and signs on as the fuel expert for Team Lightning McQueen.

Cars 2: The Video Game


  • Bio
    • "What can be said about a van who sells tie-dyed mud flaps and organic fuel? Fillmore was a hippie in the 60's, and he's a hippie today. When he's not busy driving Sarge crazy, Fillmore spends time introducing cars to the power of his Organic Fuel."
  • Stats
    • Weight Class: Heavy
    • Speed: 20
    • Power: 80

Brand New Fillmore

  • Bio
    • "Take away the bumper stickers he's collected over the years and what do you have? A shiny new Fillmore who's ready to take on the world."
  • Stats
    • Weight Class: Heavy
    • Speed: 20
    • Power: 20

Disney Infinity

  • Toys
Name Image How to unlock Description
Found randomly in a character chest or the vault in the Cars Play Set. Radiator Springs' resident organic fuel expert.

Cars: Fast as Lightning


  • George Carlin - Cars, Cars: The Video Game, Unidentified Flying Mater
  • Scott Wood - Cars: Mater-National Championship
  • Lloyd Sherr - Cars: Race-O-Rama, Cars 2, Cars 2: The Video Game, Hiccups, Spinning, Cars Land, Cars 3


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  • "I'm not the only one seeing this, right?"
  • "I'm telling you man, every third blink is slower."
  • "Fly away Stanley, be free!"
  • "You know, some automotive yoga could really lower your RPMs, man."
  • "There's a lot of love out there, man."

Cars: The Video Game

  • "So, turn left to go right, right?"
  • "A new batch of special brew, my friend."
  • "Good stuff, huh? I call it my Super Octane Boost Juice."
  • "Only one way to find out. man."
  • "So much hostility, man!"

Cars: Mater-National Championship

  • "Relax man. Boost just wastes it."
  • "Careful man. You're burning through that stuff pretty fast."
  • "Woah! Watch it with the boost, man."
  • "If you fuel up right man, you won't have to use that."
  • "Aw c'mon man, you don't need to go there."

Cars: Race-O-Rama

  • "Woah, so not cool!"
  • "Oh! Bummer, man."
  • "HEY!"
  • "Woah! That hurt."

Cars 2

  • "Congratulations, man!"
  • "Far out!"
  • "If you're implying that I switched out that rot good excuse for alternative fuel, with my all-natural sustainable organic bio-fuel just because I never trusted Axlerod, you're dead wrong man. It was him!"
  • "Treehugger!"

Cars 2: The Video Game

  • "Hey, someone's giving out freebies!"
  • "Fly away!"
  • "I feel like I'm flying."
  • "Whoa! This is far out."
  • "No!"
  • "Hey, it's like I can see the past."
  • "Just doing what I feel, man."
  • "Not cool, man!"
  • "I wouldn't want your karma now."
  • "Respect my space, man!"
  • "Out of my way."
  • "Sorry, trust me, I'm a lover not a fighter."
  • "Time for some tough love!"
  • "Groovy, man, groovy!"
  • "Has a lot of love here."
  • "Heh, I'm sensing a lot of love here, man."
  • "A virtual word? Whoa! It's like what's in my mind, but real man."
  • "Bummer."
  • "Oh, bummer."
  • "No way, man!"
  • "I'm free!"
  • "Whoa! This is kinda radical!"
  • "Whoa! Awesome!"
  • "No one messes with Flower Power, man!"
  • "Organics rule!"
  • "Oh, that is a bummer."
  • "Flower Power, man!"
  • "This is a gas, man!"
  • "Uh... Where did the gravity go?"
  • "Ah, happy landings, man."
  • "Awesome!"
  • "Total bummer, man."
  • "Well, that could have gone better."
  • "Sometimes I like to stop and smell the roses. Hey, where are the roses?"
  • "Yeah, time to chill."
  • "Right on."
  • "I love this!"
  • "Peace out, dude."
  • "Catch you on the flipside, man!"
  • "You know me, I'm born to be wild."
  • "See ya at the finish line, man."
  • "Way to conserve the fuel, man!"
  • "I'll have some classic rock waiting for you at the finish line."
  • "That's it Sarge, keep it nice and slow."
  • "Conserve the fuel, man!"
  • "Whoa! What was that groovy blur?"
  • "Oh, and I thought we were friends, man."
  • "Where's the love?"
  • "Hey, nice move my friend."
  • "Whoa! Where's the fire, Sarge?"
  • "I am one with the race track."
  • "It's not important who wins, but it'll be me, man."
  • "Free your mind."
  • "Groove on, man."
  • "All right!"
  • "Idling it's just a waste of organic fuel."
  • "This is really messing with my MPGs, man."
  • "This is all part of the conspiracy."
  • "You think you can win with that synthetic fuel?"
  • "You race like the man, man."
  • "You could use a little automotive yoga, my friend."
  • "Speed's a matter of perspective."
  • "I haven't felt this good since the 60s."
  • "Out of sight, man."
  • "Hang four, dudes!"
  • "It's nothing personal."
  • "Here's some karma for you."
  • "You were a minion of darkness, man."
  • "Sorry Sarge, all part of the game."
  • "Hey, I didn't make the rules., I just play by 'em."
  • "Easy on the bumper stickers, man."
  • "That's no way of treating your neighbor."
  • "Hey, what was that for?"
  • "Take two, man."
  • "Whoa! It's like the edge of the world."
  • "I'm all for peace and love man, but desesperate times call for desesperate measures."
  • "I hope this doesn't upset the tranquility of my karma."
  • "I am one with the nature."
  • "I think i'm driving by karma."
  • "Wait, am I here or not?"

Cars 3

  • "It's futile to resist change, man. (McQueen: You're right Fillmore.) Really?"
  • "See you McQueen!"

Names in other languages

  • Finnish: Klainari
  • German: Bully
  • Polish: Ogórek
  • Ukrainian: Доливай (transcription: Dolivay)


  • One of Fillmore's bumper stickers reads, Save 2D Animation. Another reads, I brake for Jackalopes, which is a reference to Boundin'.
  • As revealed in the video games, Fillmore is both a pacifist and a Pisces. Despite being a pacifist, he can be seen with weapons in Cars 2: The Video Game.
  • Fillmore has the most voice actors out of anyone in the series.
  • Fillmore and Fred are the only two characters in Cars who have front license plates, and Fillmore may be the only character in Cars 2 with a front license plate. However, at the Wheel Well Motel in Cars 2, Mater did use a license plate while being a waiter.
  • Fillmore is the second Cars character whose original actor died, preceded by Red and succeeded by Doc Hudson and El Machismo.
  • Fillmore is the name of an auditorium in San Francisco, California, in which many popular musicians performed in the counterculture era of the sixties and seventies. Fillmore represents a popular vehicle amongst hippies, a subculture of the American counterculture.
  • In most of his video game appearances, he has blue eyes, although in films, artwork, and on diecasts, he has brown eyes.
  • His Polish name is: Ogórek, which means "cucumber".


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Lightning McQueenTow MaterFinn McMissileHolley ShiftwellFrancesco BernoulliMiles AxlerodProfessor ZündappGremAcerLuigiGuidoSargeFillmoreShu TodorokiRaoul ÇaRouleJeff GorvetteMax SchnellMiguel CaminoCarla VelosoLewis HamiltonNigel GearsleyRip ClutchgoneskiJan "Flash" NilssonLong GeMark "Frosty" WinterbottomMemo Rojas, Jr.Vitaly PetrovFernando AlonsoVictor HugoVladimir TrunkovJ. Curby GremlinTubbs PacerSally CarreraSheriffRamoneFloLizzieRedMackTomberDarrell CartripBrent MustangburgerDavid HobbscapJacques VilleneuveUncle TopolinoMama TopolinoSiddeleyCrabbyStephensonTony TrihullRod "Torque" RedlineLeland TurboThe QueenPrince WheeliamSgt. HighgearSir Harley GassupMama BernoulliMel DoradoTopper Deckington IIIEverettGlobieChauncy FaresBrian FuelM. FendericksonPaul OilkleyBrett WarnewagenKingpin NobunagaPinion TanakaKimura KaizoZen MasterOkuniShigekoTamikoMei and SatsukiDaniella Muffler and Shelley ShiftTokyo Party StaffTerry GongDaisu TsashimiEdamame TsashimiMike FuseVic VanleyHaikiBob PulleyTaia DecoturaIvanOtisGalloping GeargrinderTyler GremlinPetrov TrunkovFred PacerAlexander HugoKarl HaulzemoffMuggsy LiftsomeGiuseppe MotorosiAlex MachinoMach MatsuoBruno MotoreauE. Manual ManiezJohn LassetireJeff Gorvette PittyOtto BonnMax Schnell's PittyPetro CartalinaCruz BesouroBruce BoxmannAustin LittletonBrian GearlooskiErik LaneleyCarlo MaseratiBindoSajan KariaTrent Crow-TowNat McLugnut and Michael HonkselUcchiSal MachianiDaisu TsashimiChukiFabrizioCartney BrakinCaratekaJesse HaullanderKabutoYokozaSukiHarumiChisakiIchigoNick CartoneHiroakiTakeshiYukioCartney BrakinLee RacéNate StanchionJessica GiampetrolAlex VandelOfficer MurakarmiBecky WheelinKrate Rainson-WashRukaPetey PacerJerome RampedStefan GremskyTowga GremlinTolga TrunkovDon CrumlinMarcelo and MarcoFranca and FrancescaUncle Topolino's BandFather BurkeAntonio and AngeloPope Pinion IVPopemobileJohnNancyLubewigGeartrudeLouis LaRueHenri MotisseEmmanuelAlex CarvillAlfredoTowin' EoinCeline DephareJustin PartsonJason HubkapAlexis WheelsonMary EsgocarMagen CarrarShawn KrashJonathan ShiftkoApeTrike FeldmanAlbertoCartney CarsperRonnie Del CooperDenise BeamFrank ClutchensonAlloy HembergerClutch FosterKimberly RimsCarinne CavvyColossus XXLAndy GearsdaleCorporal Josh CoolantMark WheelsenSiren CarbariniDoug SpeedcheckScott SparkMike LorengineGearett TaylorMaurice WheelksVictor PaveoneJumpstart J. WardScott MotorseManny RoadriguezStanleyMia and TiaAl OftTodd
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Larry the Cable GuyOwen WilsonMichael CaineEmily MortimerEddie IzzardJohn TurturroBrent MusburgerJoe MantegnaThomas KretschmannPeter JacobsonBonnie HuntDarrell WaltripFranco NeroDavid HobbsTony ShalhoubJeff GarlinMichel MichelisJason IsaacsLloyd SherrBruce CampbellJenifer LewisStanley TownsendVelibor TopicSig HansenGuido QuaroniVanessa RedgraveJohn MainieriBrad LewisCheech MarinJeff GordonLewis HamiltonPaul DooleyEdie McClurgRichard KindKatherine HelmondJohn RatzenbergerMichael WallisBarbara KottmeierPatrick WalkerJunichi KajiokaJess HarnellColleen O' ShaughnesseyDaniel Okeefe
John LasseterBrad LewisDenise ReamMark NielsenDan FogelmanBen QueenStephen SchafferMichael Giacchino
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Cars 2: The Video Game
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Lightning McQueenTow MaterFinn McMissileHolley ShiftwellFrancesco BernoulliRaoul ÇaRouleCarla VelosoJeff GorvetteNigel GearsleyShu TodorokiMiguel CaminoMax SchnellFillmoreSargeLuigiGuidoProfessor ZGremAcerTomberMiles AxlerodChukiDaisu TsashimiRadiator LightningCarbon Fiber LightningMaterhosenFinn - Union JackRacer HolleyMidnight FrancescoBrand New FillmoreCamo SargeTeam Lightning LuigiTeam Lightning GuidoGunner AcerYoung Professor ZRod "Torque" RedlineRod Redline: UndercoverDragon LightningTokyo MaterCherry Blossom HolleyFinn - Airport SecurityMater the GreaterDaredevil LightningThe QueenFloSheriffRamoneChick HicksWingoSnot RodBoostDJUncle TopolinoMater IvanKabuki MaterVictor Hugo
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Todd MarcusChick HicksFillmoreTow MaterFloLuigiGuidoSheriffSnot RodWingoDJBoostMiguel CaminoCarla VelosoShu TodorokiRaoul ÇaRouleHolley ShiftwellFinn McMissileFrancesco BernoulliLightning McQueenMax SchnellPyotr RacinovLong GeYokozaKomodoSandy DunesShifty SidewinderBlue GritIdle Threat
SargeLizzieFrankTractorsBessieBob CutlassDarrell CartripDexter HooverRotor TurboskyDinoco GirlsChuck CablesNelson BlindspotMuggsy LiftsomeChuyBulldozersColossus XXLHiroakiTakeshi
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Luigi's Casa Della TiresRadiator Springs CuriosHouse of Body ArtFlo's V8 CafeTodd's PitCozy Cone MotelChick's PitNightclubFillmore's Taste-InMater's Towing & SalvageShu's PitFrancesco's PitCourthouseMrs. PistonGuido's Italian Ice ShopRusty BumperPolice StationWimpy's WipersEmporium RepairSnotRod's GymOffice BuildingWingo's DigsHospitalPop 'n' Patch Tire RepairBoost's Nitro ShopVisitor CenterMiguel's PitSparky's Spark PlugCarla's PitFire StationRaoul's PitRacing MuseumHolley's HideoutMcMissile's PadSarge's Surplus HutOrnament Valley AirportLightning's PitMax's PitLong Ge's PitKomodo's PitYokoza's PitIce ShopIgloo
Mega ScreenNeon SignRadiator SpringStreet LightFlame FountainSpy RelayArcade GamesOrganic Oil StandRed FlowersMailboxMator StatueMotorama Girls BillboardBlue FlowersGear StatueWind TurbineWater TowerGraffiti WallClock TowerSuper SubwoofersWeather VaneSolar PanelsVending MachinesCherry Blossom TreeWellPoster KioskTurbo FanParasolDoc Hudson StatueSouvenir TentBlue BlimpInflatable ArchDinoco TentDinoco SignPiston BoulderSkyboxJapanese ArchFlaming ArchBig-O-VisionLoudspeakersBleachersGear BalloonMcMissile BannersGearsley BannersRust-eze TentGrand Prix BannerFloodlightsParis BannersFrancesco BalloonLeaderboardGameloft TentV8 Café Sunset BannerFirst Aid TentRocky ArchTokyo BannersLightning BalloonFrancesco BannerAV TowerTokyo Street LightsCelebration LanternsMotor MobileKremlin ClockPretzel StandNeon PavilionPile o' PresentsTire WreathTire TowerLantern StringRussian FlagMatryoshcarsCandy CanesMotor MonumentChinese LanternHockey BannerFountain SquareFriendship PagodaVictory ArchFestival GateOverpassSubway EntranceTokyo TowerGlowing Neon SignFrozen Puck Award
Track Pieces
Hot SpringsSteep CurveOil FieldSurplus StorageCrazy LoopFrozen LoopPretzel LoopDesert CurveBarrier TurnOil SpillWhipsnap RacewaySteep HillBumpy RoadCliffhangerConstruction SiteStunt CannonsZigzagToll BoothCar WashRocky LoopRocky Half-PipeCorkscrew LoopGeyser JumpRiver JumpNeon Panel JumpRussian BridgeHockey RinkRoundaboutTwo-Level CurveGeyser LoopBreakneck RidgeRocket RoadRock WallBeijing RacewayCactus RoadFrozen U-TurnShow-off RampWunderplatzRoller CoasterDragon LoopChristmas MiracleWild WellPalace SwirlFrozen Hill

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Owen WilsonCristela AlonzoArmie HammerLarry the Cable GuyBonnie HuntPaul DooleyCheech MarinRichard PettyKyle PettyChase ElliottDaniel SuárezRyan BlaneyDarrell Wallace Jr.Shannon SpakeRay EvernhamMike JoyJeff GordonDarrell WaltripKerry WashingtonNathan FillionLea DeLariaChris CooperMargo MartindaleIsiah Whitlock Jr.Junior JohnsonH. A. WheelerLewis Hamilton
Brian FeeKevin ReherDaniel GersonRandy NewmanJohn LasseterBen QueenKevin ReherKiel MurrayBob PetersonAaron ConoverMichael Fong