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Hitting the jumps!

Fillmore's Fields Rally was a racetrack in Fillmore's Fields.


It was a little tougher than some other tracks. It is full of curves, jumps, a shortcut and exploding haybales.

The first segment of the race consisted of many turns. There were two respawning haybales in these turns. The second part is when you jump over the track. A haybale was in the middle of the shortcut, too. The rest of the race was another jump and a couple of turns.

Set 1: Snot Rod, DJ, & Wingo.

Set 2: Sarge, Fillmore, & Boost.

The Track

  • The track start turning right for a few twist, there will be 2 haybales, there will be a U-turn and then a jump, you will turn right until you go under were you jumped, there will be a ramp and then a few left turns and it repeats.


  • This was the only non-Piston Cup track that includes hazards and jumps.
  • This track was believed to be the hardest non-Piston Cup one besides Twistin' Tailfin Trails.
  • This was the first track to have a shortcut that you have to activate.