Fred Pacer

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Fred Fisbowski

Fred Fisbowski Pacer is a yellow Pacer who works for Professor Z. He was seen fighting Finn McMissile, who throws him into an elevator in Tokyo. His current condition is unknown.

Cars 2

Fred had a small role in Cars 2, when Finn was protecting Mater from the lemons. A red Gremlin follows Mater, but Finn tips over some flowers with his bumper grappling hooks from the rooftop. The owner of the flowers wakes up and blames Tyler. 2 other angry cars come out and complain to him, but in Japanese. Finn than got off the rooftop, not immediantly looking forwards, which Fred bashes into him from his front and Finn immediantly reverses. 2 other lemons attack Finn, and they push him from his sides and one of them push him from the back, which Acer happened to be in front of them. He activated a flame-thower and the lemons tried to push him into it, but attempts fail. Acer and the one pushing Finn from the back were thrown into the air by the explosion (but lives) so Fred and the remaining lemon try to fight Finn, but Fred is thrown into the elevator and it's rised up. The other lemon is thrown under the elevator and squashed slightly. His corpse is later on top of the elevator.

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