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George Kloonkey is an actor. He is a famous movie star that plays in various movies such as The Radiator.


George Kloonkey is an actor who worked alongside Tow Mater in movies such as The Radiator. One of his movies was Rusty Wheels", where his antagonist Turbo Jack demonstrated his bad tricks on the track. Mater did all the stunts as his stuntman. However, George decided to leave from the film because he said that Mater was too good and that he stole the show, and the movie was cancelled as a result.

Physical description

Kloonkey is a sports car with green and black livery. He has blue eyes.


  • His name is a pun to George Clooney, famous actor, film director, producer, and screenwriter.
  • In the Polish version of the comic, his names was translated as Antonio Bandzieraz, a put to Antonio Banderas, famous actor, film producer and director.


Names in other languages

  • Polish: Antonio Bandzieraz
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