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Hugo Fast

Hugo Fast is a character in Cars. He is a tire changer of race car Aiken Axler.


Hugo Fast is a good tire changer, but he was born to play volleyball. You see, volleyball has been the pastime for Piston Cup racers, pit crews and crew chief alike for generations.There is even a volleyball championship after racing season is finished! Everyone's really into it, especially the pit crews. Since they're so small and have little forks, they're ideal for playing the sport! So everyone's happy when they get a 'pitty' on there team, but if you're lucky enough to get 7 time Piston Cup volleyball champion Hugo Fast, then you'er in for a spectacular win! Hugo is actually ranked 15th on the world's greatest volleyball players list! So the next time your sitting around doing nothing after racing season and if you support team Nitroade Hi-Energy Drink, tune in and watch Hugo hit some great shots!