Kevin Shiftright

Kevin Shiftright

Kevin Shiftright is a racer in the Piston Cup. His sponsor is Clutch Aid, and his number is 121. In the World of Cars Online, he can be found racing at Motor Speedway of the South. He is also seen in the first Cars video game, usually running in the Top 5, but not in Sun Valley International Raceway and Smashervile Speedway.


Kevin is the fourth in a long line of racers in the Shiftright family. His great grandfather Kurt raced on the old dirt tracks of the fifties, followed by his grandpa Kraig, who won 2 Piston Cups in the late seventies, and his dad Klint, who won 3 in the early nineties. Kevin tries not to let the pressure of his family history get to him when he's on the track or at the dinner table.


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