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Mack's Holiday Bash ('N' Crash) Party 2010

Party Logo
Sponsored Cars Only No
When December 2011 (Christmas time)
Free Item(s) Flakey Flake
Radiator Springs Snow Globe Souvenir
Where Redhood Valley

Mack's Holiday Bash ('N' Crash) it is a party that hit the Redhood Valley in December 2010. It was proved to be the Christmas Party. After Mack's dramatic crash in the middle of nowhere, he came at the Redhood Valley with the decorations. Here he built the Holiday Ice Rink. Players had fun skating and playing with snow. There were new items in Ramone's Shop. After that they celebrated the new year with dance and some music on Redhood Valley Stage. There were two banners, one in town, an other in Redhood Valley. It was the first Mack's Seasonal Party in the World of Cars Online, but it was stated by Racing Sports News that it would happen every year.