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Marilyn Stickers[1] was a sedan that lived in Kingpin.


Marilyn in Radiator Springs in 2006.

Marilyn was a sedan that lived in Kingpin, United States. She was wife or relative of Nick Stickers. In 2006 she applied to become new face for Rust-eze after the company organized open casting, but hasn't been chosen. Later that year, together with Nick and rest of her family she visited Radiator Springs, Arizona, United States after town's spike in popularity after Lightning McQueen set there his headquarters. While being there she visited Ramone's House of Body Art where she's got a new paint job. Later she also visited Luigi's Casa Della Tires. Up to that point she has always been faithful to her stylist even though she haven't felt happy with her paint colour for some time. After receiving new paint job, her loved her new look but her stylist back home stopped speaking to her.

Physicals description

Marilyn is an ABL Princess mid-size car. Her license plate number is 49643, she has brown eyes. She has a purple livery, and chrome hubcaps.

Official profiles

  • Marilyn has always been faithful to her stylist, though to be honest she hasn't been happy with her color for some time now. So when, during a road trip across the country, she and her family stopped off at Radiator Springs, on a moment of impulse, she stopped into Ramone's body shop, and now she's a stunning purple! Her family loves the new look and so does she, but her stylist back home isn't speaking to her.


  • In 2017, Mattel had mistakenly named Marilyn as "Marilyn Stickers". However, they reverted back to the name "Marilyn" later that year.