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""The competition will be no competition.""
—'Max Schnell', Cars 2: The Video Game and Cars: Fast as Lightning, [[{{{3}}}]]

Max Schnell (known as Sebastian Schnell in the German version) is a well-known German race car. Initially appearing among the World Grand Prix competitors in Cars 2, Max Schnell has made subsequent appearances in games such as Cars 2: The Video Game and Cars: Fast as Lightning.


Cars 2

Max Schnell, Lewis Hamilton, and McQueen in the German version of Cars 2.

In Cars 2, Max Schnell is one of the eleven world's famous race cars that compete in the World Grand Prix, a three-race competition between racing superstars from all over the world, with Schnell representing Germany. Max is present at the welcoming party at the Tokyo National Art Center, and in the German version of the film, he and Lewis Hamilton greet Lightning McQueen when he arrives. However, Max's role is given to different characters in different versions of the film. When Mater interrupts Miles Axlerod's interview with Lightning McQueen, Max and the other World Grand Prix participants watch embarrassingly at him, embarrassing McQueen.

Max racing in Tokyo.

At the first race in Tokyo, Max performs well, leading the pack at the beginning, but falls short soon after, and spends most of his time in the center positions. Towards the end of the race, however, Schnell falls victim to an engine blowout, which was the result of the electromagnetic pulse from the lemons' camera.

Max Schnell attempts to brake to avoid the Casino Bridge crash.

Max later competes in the second event in Porto Corsa, Italy, only to get involved in a large accident on top of the Casino Bridge, which is again caused by the lemons' electromagnetic pulse camera. Though Schnell attempts to brake prior to colliding with Miguel Camino and Shu Todoroki, he is unable to avoid damage, and is subsequently hit by Raoul ÇaRoule and Rip Clutchgoneski.

Max is repaired before the final event in London, England, and competes in the race, which McQueen flies off the track with Mater, who is discovered to have a bomb strapped to him. The two are brought before the Queen, which forces Axlerod, who is revealed as the one behind the lemons' plot, to deactivate the bomb.

The starting lineup of the Radiator Springs Grand Prix. (Max is at the back of Shu.)

Due to the final event's interruption, the Radiator Springs Grand Prix is hosted by McQueen as a replacement, and Schnell and the rest of the World Grand Prix competitors race around Carburetor County.

Cars 2: The Video Game

Max in the garage in Cars 2: The Video Game.

Max Schnell is an unlockable playable character in Cars 2: The Video Game, and is unlocked once the player reaches Clearance Level 3. Max is a member of the medium weight class and is more powerful than he is speedy.

Disney Infinity

Though Max does not physically appear in Disney Infinity, a painting of him can be seen hanging on the wall in Ramone's House of Body Art.

Cars: Fast as Lightning

In the December 2014 update for Cars: Fast as Lightning, Max Schnell was introduced as a playable character, but the player must purchase him and his track for 800 gems. Schnell has two additional paint jobs, Chrome and Empire, which can be unlocked by earning enough stickers from playing practice races on Max's Track, or by purchasing them with gems.

General information

Physical appearance

Promotional artwork of Max Schnell.

Max, according to Meet the Cars, is a 2009 World Torque League Championship Racer, which is an allusion to the World Touring Car Championship. His main inspiration was a 2009 Mercedes-Benz AMG C-Class (W204) DTM car, although he may have a few elements from the Audi A4 DTM car. Max is powered by a 4.0 liter V-8 engine with 470 HP. He can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 3.8 seconds and reach a top speed of 160 mph .[1]He is a dark greyish purple car, with the German flag design painted on his trunk and roof, and the World Torque Champion League logo painted on his hood. He has grey rims, and a black spoiler with the World Grand Prix logo on it.

Max's tires read "TRU-TREAD - Traction A Temperature A - P215/65R15 89H", a recurring inscription on the tires of many characters in Cars 2.

Powers and abilities

In addition to being an incredibly talented race car that is capable of extraordinary racing abilities, Schnell has also shown skill in spy training, and is capable of utilizing various weapons. Additionally, Max's official bios recognize his gifts in engineering.


Profiles and statistics

Cars 2

  • Official bio
    • "Max Schnell started as a humble production sedan from Stuttgart, Germany. An avid amateur racer, Max would practice alone in the back roads of the dense Black Forest—a trek that eventually caught the eye of a racing team owner. Soon Max was on a professional circuit, bearing the #4, and as his horsepower increased, he converted himself to carbon fiber, dropping his weight and getting into prime racing shape. He's won more races at Motorheimring than any other World Torque Champion League car in history. A naturally brilliant engineer, he used logic and analytics to refine his build, and plans to approach the World Grand Prix in the same perfectly calculated manner."[2]
  • Stats
    • Top speed: 160 mph
    • 0-60 mph: 3.8 seconds
    • Engine type: 4.0-liter V8
    • Horsepower: 470

Cars 2: The Video Game

  • Official bio
    • "Max Schnell burst onto the racing scene from the back roads of the Black Forest. He started as a production sedan but has converted himself to carbon fiber, using his knowledge of engineering to streamline his technique. He's the number one World Torque Champion in history!"
  • Stats
    • Weight class: Medium
    • Speed: 40
    • Power: 60
    • Torque: 1.5
    • Nitro: 30

Cars: Fast as Lightning


For this subject's image gallery, see Max Schnell/Gallery.

Names in other languages

  • German: Sebastian Schnell
  • Russian: Макс Шнель (transcription: Maks Shnel)


  • Max's name comes from the German phrase "Mach schnell", which translates to "hurry up".
  • Though Max races in the World Torque Champion League, an allusion to the World Touring Car Championship, his design compares him to the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters, another type of touring car racing.
  • In the DS version of Cars 2: The Video Game, Max's engine is exploded by Grem at the London race.
  • Although he has no performer for the English version, he is voiced by Sebastian Vettel in the German version. Sebastian Vettel is a famous German racing driver.
  • Max's pit crew team consists of crew chief Otto Bonn, as well as several pitties. His hauler is named Jorg.
  • Max shares his model with Vitaly Petrov, Frosty Winterbottom, Memo Rojas, Jr., Flash, Long Ge and Pyotr Racinov.
  • In the London race, his gasoline is Dinoco.



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