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Megan Shifter, also known as Andrew Buttes, is a forklift who was a mechanic and member of Fiber Fuel pit crew during Piston Cup Racing Series with Brush Curber as a main racer.


She has been a mechanic and member of Fiber Fuel pit crew for the Piston Cup Racing Series with Brush Curber as a main racer.

Physical description

She is a 2003 Nemomatic Forklift that is painted yellow with a black roof stylized to look like a hat. Her eyes has blue color.


  • Megan's character is referred by two names: Megan Shifter in America and Andrew Buttes in Canada and Europe.
  • Like Bryn Imageare and Mike Stockar, Megan has no appearances in any official Cars media, instead appearing only in Mattel's die-cast toy line.
  • Her artwork is a re-worked version of Mood Springs Pitty's.
  • She is named after Pixar employee, Megan Stifter in America.
    • While She is called Andrew Buttes in Canada And Europe, She is named after Cars Shading Artist Andrew Butts.
  • Along with Stacy and Shirley Spinout, she is one of the few known female pit crew members.


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