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Motoropolis City is a city in Cars: Race-O-Rama and the hometown of Stinger


Motoropolis City is the site where the VINs challenge McQueen and eventually where Stinger and Chick Hicks challenges Lightning McQueen and Ramone. The city consists of a downtown, midtown, and uptown section. It also hosts a few events and three gold events. Unlike the other maps, it is the smallest of them all.


Motoropolis City is the 3rd location in the Race-O-Rama series. It is a big city with lots of bright lights. All the races happen at night. In the final race, Chick introduces Stinger to Lightning and Ramone. After the race, Chick gets angry at Stinger, and asked what he had to say for himself. Instead of saying what he had to say for himself, Stinger just drove away.


  • The area consists of a few tunnels, jumps, a few garages, lights, neon, and many other things.


Name Mode Laps Played As Gold Event
Academy Challenge 4 Circuit Race 5 Lightning McQueen Yes
Auto Cross 7 Mini Game N/A Lightning McQueen No
Guido Kart 7 Guido Kart 5 Guido No
Photo Op 7 Mission N/A Lightning McQueen


Relay Race 2 Relay Race 2 Doc Hudson Student #1 and Ramone No
Stinger's Stir-Up Circuit Race 5 Lightning McQueen Yes
Street Race 1 Circuit Race 5 Lightning McQueen Yes