Murray Clutchburn

Murray Clutchburn

Murray Clutchburn is a racecar in the Piston Cup.
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Clutchburn with his sponsor.

 ==World of Cars Online==

His sponsor is Sputter Stop, and his number is 92. He doesn't appear in the World of Cars Online, but his sponsor, Sputter Stop does.

Piston Cup 2006 Racing series

Murray Clutchburn`s first win was in 1884, where he wons the gold medall for the relay team in the competition ``Olympic test track´´. The momentum of the Olympics carried him straight into mainstream professional racing and a flourishing career in the Piston Cup Juniors series in 1955. Later he was qualified as one of 43 ``Piston Cup '''''2006 Racing '''''series´´ competitors. His major steps to fulfil his dream, makes him an experienced copitior in the Piston Cup races.


Clutchburn is an Stodgey Suaver EX.


As he selected as one of 43 ``2006 Piston Cup series´´ competitors, signed him the Piston Cup team Sputter Stop with a contract that suffice for the coming seasons.


Feature Films


Pixar cars murray clutchburn by vicing-d3e7hvi

Clutchburn with his sponsor ``Sputter Stop´´




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