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North Desert Dash is a race course seen in Cars: The Video Game.


"(Lightning McQueen comes to Flo's V8 Cafe, where Fletcher and Gerald are watching Papo and El Guapo practicing.)
Fletcher: "Dreadfully garish, aren't they?"
Gerald: "Positively gilded, too true."
El Guapo: "They are loving my gold."
Fletcher: "Now why gold, my dear boy?"
El Guapo: "This is all about the winning. You cannot take first place if you do not look the part." (turns and puts his front right tire out)
Fletcher: "Oh, and how do you know you can best us in the next competition?"
El Guapo: "Easy. I see you have the silver on your rims."
Lightning McQueen: "He's got a point there.""
Cut-scene, [[{{{3}}}]]


The race starts out on the main street, and then takes a left at Glenrio Motel, into Sarge's Compound. The race continues through a trench, and back up into the compound. Then racers cross a bridge and back into the town before racing behind the Radiator Cap. Then racers continue past the nature preserve and past the courthouse, back onto the main road and finish line.


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