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Not Chuck

"You need tires you idiot !"-After McQueen decided to let not change his tires.

Not Chuck is a character and a minor antagonist in Cars and in a part of Cars Race-O-Rama. He knows as a very serious guy during and after the races. He was since the start of his career Lightning McQueens Crew-Pitty Chief and in his last  Piston Cup-Season, he was the Crew Chief too, because he wanted to take the lead in the team, after McQueen fired three times in a row his Crew Chiefs. He never won a Piston Cup trophy under McQueen.


Not Chuck tells McQueen to leave the team.
His name is Not Chuck, not Chucky, not Chuck-meister, not Chaz, not Chet, not Charlie and not Charles. He's a firm believer that a racer is only as good as his tires are fresh, so his motto is, "Change them early and change them often."


After McQueens three-way catastrophie with The King and Chick Hicks, and everyone relazied, that McQueen had actually good chances to finish on first place, when he has changed his tires, Not Chuck leaved the crew, and wanted to find a new job.

Cars Race-O-Rama

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In the Race-O-Rama as a playable character.
In Cars Race-O-Rama, the video game, he was one of the competitors in Guido`s Kart races, made for micro cars ( cars like Luigi, Mike, Tia, Mia or the dinoco girls ) and pitties only. He will say ``Hi, buddy ol`pal!´´, when you choosed him there, for the Kart race. It gives 6 Guido Kart Races, and Not Chuck finishes there often in the last top 5.


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    1:55 Die-Cast
    1:55 Die-Cast


  • His real name is never actually given in the movie.
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