Oliver Lightload

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Oliver Lightload is a maroon colored Luxoliner Semi Hauler. He works for a company called FN.


In Cars, Oliver is resting with other trucks at the Top Down Truckstop when Mack and Lightning McQueen pass it on their way to Los Angeles.

Official bio

  • "Oliver likes posing as a long-haul trucker, but the truth is he just likes the Top Down Truck Stop. You see, he's actually an online stockbroker, and he lives less than a mile down the road. He likes to pop in once in a while and crack some jokes, take a nap, or just listen to stories from the constantly changing clientele, all on their way to someplace far off and exotic."[1]


  • The "FN" logo on his trailer is a reference to another Pixar film, Finding Nemo. His die-cast, however, has "UP" in place of it, instead referencing Up.


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