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Porto Corsa is the location for the second race of the World Grand Prix.

The Race

The accidents got worse. First Carla Veloso got hit by the radiation beam disguised as a camera. Then Nigel Gearsley was the next who crashed next to Carla, Then Shu Todoroki Was hit and Collided with Miguel Camino who then slowed down near a dangerous turn. Max Schnell then came towards then and tried to slow down using his brakes but failed and sent the 3 racers down the turn and crashing. Then Raoul ÇaRoule and Rip Clutchgoneski came and tried to brake, but failed to avoid the carnage ahead and got caught in it. Lewis Hamilton and Jeff Gorvette braked just in time in front of the collision. Lightning McQueen just held off Francesco Bernoulli to win the race.