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Red is a fire truck from the movie Cars and Cars 2.


He is very shy and initially did not like Lightning McQueen, but eventually took a liking to him. He was seen driving around in Redhood Valley ever since it first opened, but he also was stationed near the courthouse down the road of Radiator Springs next to the Stanley statue. He is also seen in Radiator Springs Racers. He doesn't speak in any of his appearances.


Red was one of the secondary main characters in Cars. He possibly had the smallest role of any Radiator Springs townsfolk besides Lizzie. He first appears in the scene where Lightning McQueen races into town with Sheriff chasing him, where Lightning wrecked his flowers. He then has 2 minor appearances, one where Lightning is paving the road and Lizzie is talking to him, and another one where Lightning rushed through while paving it, making a mess, then insulting Radiator Springs, which made him cry, showing he doesn't like it when people insult his hometown. He makes more appearances throughout the movie.

Cars 2

Red had a smaller role in Cars 2, making a brief appearance when Lightning first arrived, as well as in the airport along with Ramone, Flo, Sheriff, Lizzie, and Sally watching the plane take off. Red also made an appearance at the end when the Radiator Springs gang fought the Lemons; he sprayed J. Curby Gremlin and some other Gremlins from behind with a really powerful blast from his hose.

He was silent in Cars 2, as his actor Joe Ranft died in a car accident in 2005, during production of the first film.


Red with the Cars logo in the background.

Die-cast model

Die-cast model (in package)

At the airport in Cars 2

Red with the "RED" logo.