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Redhood Valley was the fifth area to be explored in The World of Cars Online. Opening up after a historic event in trying to save Sally from the rockslide, Cars explore the wildlife. With tall pine trees, camping sites and ponds, there was lots to enjoy. Fillmore has a stand of fizzy fuels to buy from. Dotted around Redhood Valley, is camping spots with tents to drive into. Also a couple skipping rocks is found throughout the trails. You could've seen Red roaming around in this area. Earlier when Redhood Valley opened, after Sally was trapped, you could've seen her and Lightning McQueen roaming around together. There is a campfire to the south that is bigger than all of the rest, if you fizzy fuel it, it will light up, increase in size but also absorb the color of the fizzy fuel that was used on it. It has a broken bridge connecting it to Wheel Well, and it had a glitch: it opened from time to time, allowing Cars to drive over and party. Some Cars glitched their way over. Sheriff was called some times, to stop the mess. Once he called Mater to help him, but they both ended up falling off the bridge.

The race track there was Twistin Tailfin Trails. It was a small but very curvy track. 

Redhood Valley will be present in iWorld of Cars. But, it will be placed in a different, near location near to Tailfin Pass but the Route 66 road will go to Caddilac Range, then Crankshaft, before it enters Redhood Valley where the Route 66 road continues North to Tired Flats and Southwest to Enginegrill Mountain.

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