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Rick Trunkov begins to charge at Finn McMissile.

Rick Trunkov is a minor character in Cars 2, who has tried, during the first W.G.P race in Tokyo, Japan, under the command of Grem and Acer, to kill their main opponent Finn McMissile, because he wanted to protect Mater, who watched the race in the #95 pit stop. After the plan to kill McMissile and kidnap Mater went wrong, and Finn broke free, he fought against Finn along with Acer. However, they lost. Acer managed to survive the fight, but Rick Trunkov did not. He was an evil member of the Trunkov family. He lived at the Oil Rig and worked for Professor Zündapp. Before he became a rusty and dirty lemon, he worked in a factory.


Rick Trunkov is an AZ-968 Zaporozhets like Vladimir Trunkov.