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Ryan Shields

  • Gender: Male
  • Color: Light Green 
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Occupation: View Zeen Piston Cup Racecar
  • Friends: View Zeen Hauler
  • Enemies: Chick Hicks
  • Interests: Racing
  • Qualified for W.G.P: No
  • Appearances: Cars
  • Performer: No Performer

Ryan Shields is a character in Cars.


Ryan is not only a ViewZeen Corrective Windshields driver, he's also a customer. Without it, the race is merely a blur of multi-colored blobs moving at 200 miles per hour. His ViewZeen windshield doesn't just help out on the track, it also has a special coating that helps cut down on glare while driving at night, not to mention it makes him look smarter and the other cars would often get jealous.


Ryan is painted in the colors of his team ( sponsor ) View Zeen, wich is completley Light Green with Blue and White stirpes. The #39 is painted on booth sides of his doors, on his hood and in front of his headlights, like the most of the Piston Cup Racers.


  • Ryan`s make model is a Crown Celesta.
  • Ryan doesn`t appears in the World of Cars Online, but his sponsor View Zeen does.