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Sage VanDerSpin

Gender: Male

Color: Blue, yellow, red, brown, white

Eye Color: Brown

Occupation: Piston Cup Race Car

Performer: Samuel Vincent

Sage VanDerSpin is a character in Cars.


Youngest winner of the Junior Piston Cup Pro Series, Sage VanDerSpin entered the Piston Cup Series in 2004 already a highly decorated racer. His favorite trackside pastime is dodgeball. Several of his fellow racers play with him as well, but it's the Pitties who are the toughest competition on the dodgeball court, says VanDerSpin, because they're tiny and they have arms.

The World of Cars Online

Sage VanDerSpin can be seen racing at Backfire Canyon Speedway, and his sponsor appears at Tailgator Speedway.