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Scaryator Springs Festival 2010

Party Logo
Sponsored Cars Only No
When October 8 - 31 October, 2010
Free Item(s) Scaryator Springs Collector's Plate
Where Radiator Springs

Scaryator Springs Festival 2010 was a festival held on Halloween 2010, Mystery Pumpkins came back. Lightning McQueen and Mater helped to decorate the town. Costume Parade was held in town center. Ramone's shop was decorated for this party too. There been zombie cars, and one named Fluffy, took control over the blog.

Interview with Sally Carrera

Stated from RSN

"I'd be happy to explain what our Scaryator Springs Festival is all about!

Of course, like every year, it all starts with the Mystery Pumpkins. If you drive up to a Mystery Pumpkin, you'll... Well, I can't say yet. Mater and Lightning are rigging them right now.

You'll find out next week. For now, it's a mystery!" says Sally mysteriously.

You will see many unusual sights throughout our Scaryator Springs Festival. A lot of new Cars like to dress up in costumes. And then there's those Zombie Cars. Hope they don't come back!


  • All costumes were gone from Ramone's Shop after the party ended, even though some of them stayed until The World of Cars Online closed.
  • In the first days, there were many bugs, as if you would drive to a pumpkin, nothing would happen.