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Not in my town, you don't.


Sheriff is a character in Cars and Cars 2. He is also in Radiator Springs Racers. He had also his appearances in shorts, like Mater and the ghostlight, and various times in the Cars: Toon.

He's a standart character, who is as a member of Radiator Springs, and as a guy who looks for low and order in his favorite village, appears almost in every books and shorts of Cars. He's also a character, wich you can download in the Cars 2: Video Game.


There's a long history of law enforcement in Sheriff's family. His father was a traffic cop. His aunt, his two cousins on his mother's side, his little brother...even his grandfather was a traffic cop, directing traffic at Times Square in New York around the turn of the century. Sheriff always knew he too would be a cop. After all, how many other options did he have with a name like Sheriff?

Sheriff is the local law enforcement and the keeper of the peace in Radiator Springs. He takes his job very seriously. Sheriff enjoys telling stories and taking the occasional nap behind the Radiator Springs billboard. That's where he was when Lightning McQueen first zoomed into town years ago, which led to a messy car chase that didn't end well. These days, Sheriff welcomes the hotshot racer Lightning home to Radiator Springs with all four tires.

At the end of Cars 2, he arrested Vladimir Trunkov.

Sheriff and Chick Hicks in Cars 2: The Vieo Game

World Of Cars

Sheriff was stationed in Downtown Radiator Springs behind the bill board, whenever a tuner passes by, he would chase them out of the town. He is also in Willy's Butte Rally in the second set of challengers. In September 2010, the tuners went on a crime wave, Sheriff got involved, the tuners stole 3 objects and sped, they stole the bill board, the tire of towers, and finally, the Stanley statue, the bill board could be found in Fillmore's Fields near the area where Frank patrols, the tire tower could be found North of Willy's Butte near a totally sweet cactus fruit, and the Stanley statue was found in the ditch in Redhood Valley, but Mater towed it out. The tuners ran out of gas and went into hiding, the players had to find all of the missing items and the tuners, they would have been rewarded with coins and a certificate. Sheriff could also be raced in Willy's Butte.

In set 2 of the racers in Willy's Butte, you race Sheriff, Sarge, and Wingo, note that Doc was there before Sarge, as Sarge replaced him, because Doc passed away.

Sheriff confronting Lightning for the damage of the main street.