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Lane Merrifield and Rachel DiPaola

Lane Merrifield, better known by his screen name Sparks, was a well-known former World of Cars moderator who often posted news on the "Crews News Blog", the official blog for the game. Sparks' Car was never "manufactured" by the Pit Crew since the The World of Cars closed, so he didn't appear in-game.


  • His catchphrase was "Keep Coolant!", as seen on almost all of his blog posts. During the Scaryator Springs Festival 2010, Zombie Fluffy took over the blog and warned of an invasion. He changed his catchphrase in the end to "DON'T Keep Coolant".
  • Before working for Club Penguin, Pirates of the Caribbean Online, Toontown Online and The World of Cars Online, he used to work at Disneyland.
  • He might've controlled Lightning McQueen or other characters. There are many rumours about this but none are proven.
  • Sparks was actually the second moderator who posted news on the Crews News Blog. There was another moderator who went by the name of Cal, who posted some blog entries from October, 2008, when the game was just beginning, and retired from the blog in September 2009, making way for Sparks' debut on the blog. Sparks would post every blog entry from then on.