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Tailgator Speedway
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September 4, 2010


Tailgator Speedway

Tailgator Speedway was the 4th place to be opened, and first official Piston Cup racetrack to be opened. It is also is the first race track in the Piston Cup Racing Series before Big Heartland Speedway. Here, sponsored race cars needed to race on Tailgator Speedway to unlock the next racetrack and earn more racing points.You must complete all three races first. There were two heats to be won, and if you won them, you progressed to the finale, and after you won that, you had successfully progressed on to the next level an track. Outside sits sponsor tents for cars to drive through and try on their sponsor's liveries. You can collect souveneir key chains from the tents. Interestingly, if you used sequence braking to race on Tailgator Speedway early, if you go into the "gearing up" sequence, you can see that the 3 planned racers were Johnny Blamer, Slider Petrolski, and Haul Inngas. Slider and Haul were replaced by Todd Marcus and Lee Revkins.


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