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Todd the Pizza Planet Truck
  • Occupation: Pizza Planet Truck
  • Performer: None

Todd (the Pizza Planet Truck) is a minor character in Cars and Cars 2. He can also be found in other Pixar films. Hos role in the game serves as a rare race code.


Todd is one of a legion of devoted Pizza Planet delivery trucks delivering fresh off the line Pizza Planet brand air filters to cars all over California. Every now and then in Todd's quest to make it to his customers as soon as possible, he stumbles upon an unavoidable detour like construction, flooded roads, or worst of all, free tickets to the race of the century at the Los Angeles International Speedway. He also makes a short cameo in Cars at the Los Angeles International Speedway. He can be seen in the crowd at the end of Cars 2 on a show shown before the Mel Dorado Show came on, and when Lightning McQueen is racing in the Radiator Springs Cup.