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Tokyo Race 2 is the 2nd race in Tokyo

Cut video: Chick Hicks who came 2nd in the first race at Tokyo was about to cheat in this race. "I'll show them how Chick Hicks can win a race." said Chick. In the pits, he saw Shu Todoroki. "Hey you!" said Chick Hicks "Lightning is a bully, right?". "No he isn't, I like Lightning McQueen" said Shu Todoroki. " I don't like your tricks. You damaged my chassis!" Lightning came to the pits, "Stop bothering Shu, Chick." said Lightning. Suddenly Mater came. "The race is about to start!", said Mater. "We will show Chick Hicks who can really win without cheating. Right Shu!" said Lightning. Then they went to the starting line.

In the race

You can play as Lightning McQueen or Mater. You must do 6 laps around Tokyo in the daytime. You are racing with Shu Todoroki, Chick Hicks, Max Schnell, Miguel Camino, Miles Axelrod and Acer. You get 20 trophies/points for first place. 15 trophies/points for second. 10 trophies/points for third. 5 trophies/points for 4th. If you earn trophies you unlock Tokyo Race 3.