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""Well turn around... and go back where you came from!""
—'Tony Trihull', Cars 2, [[{{{3}}}]]

Tony Trihull was a combat ship.


Cars 2

Tony was one of the two heavily-equipped combat ships who worked for Miles Axlerod and Professor Zündapp. He served as a guard and transportation for them and other lemons. He was first seen in the beginning of the film, where he confronted Crabby, who has Finn McMissile aboard him, and told him to turn around while pointing his laser weapon at him, which forced Crabby to leave. Without Tony knowing, Finn McMissile stowed away on him where Tony arrives at the oil rigs. He was later sent to intercept and destroy McMissile but was decieved by the spare tires. He was again seen towards the end in London, when Professor Z is trying to escape, yelling for the Professor to hurry and get aboard him. Finn McMissile stops the Professor with metal wires which forced Tony to use a magnet to pull the Professor to him. McMissile tries to use his machine guns to disable the magnet but fails as the guns are sucked onto the magnet. He then unleashes all the missiles and sticky charges he has, which were also drawn, and the resulting explosion obliterates Tony as Holley Shiftwell flies over the blast.

Cars 2: The Video Game

Tony appeared in the intro scene riding around the oil rig. Then, he appeared in one of the Oil Rig tracks, where if the player gets caught in a spot light, he says "You don't belong here." Then a weapon will be aimed at the character, and the weapon would destroy the character.


Tony is modeled after the USS Independence (LCS-2), a trimaran Littoral Combat Ship in service with the U.S. Navy. It is reflected in his hull number (02) and last name "Tri-Hull".

Weaponry and Gadgets

  • Magnet: Attached to a cable, this magnet helps Tony attract any metallic object.
  • Minigun Turret: Located at Tony's sides, these guns are controlled independently by another vehicle in the cabin.
  • Missile Launcher: Located at Tony's front, these missiles are for standard situations. It comes with a laser guidance system.
  • Torpedo Launcher: Located at Tony's sides, these torpedoes are more deadly and are used at desperate times. Throughout the entire film, only one torpedo was fired and Finn McMissile distracted it with an unknown countermeasure, deceiving Tony.


Feature Films


  • His missile turret is based on the RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missile.
  • The explosion that destroyed him is also large enough to kill Finn and Zundapp. However, they were not affected, suggesting that Finn pulled them back fast enough as soon as his explosives were triggered.
  • Tony Trihull somewhat resembles a shark in appearance with his grayish texture, pointy nose, gill-shaped side vents and his shape of teeth.


"Tony Trihull: "What are you doing out here?!"
Crabby: "What does it look like, genius? I'm crabbin'!"
Tony Trihull: "Well turn around... and go back where you came from!"
Crabby: "Yeah? And who's gonna make me?"
(Tony deploys his gun)
Crabby: "All right! All right! Don't get your prop in a twist!"


Tony forces Crabby to turn around., [[{{{3}}}]]
"Acer: He's getting away!"
Tony Trihull: "Not for long!""
Tony before he fires the torpedo, [[{{{3}}}]]
""Hurry, Professor!""
Tony's last words, when Professor Z was being chased by Finn McMissile in London. He had no lines before the explosion occurs, [[{{{3}}}]]