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I'm Iopl3887, I collect Cars diecasts. So far I have more than 300.

My car in the World of Cars was "Champ Parkingcrusher". I was the first user in the game to achieve the Piston Cup Trophy.

My nickname is "RJ" and I have schizophrenia. I have been hit by a car and broke my arm.

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About Me

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About Me.
About me. (iopl3887)


I am iopl3887.

W.O.C who?:

I was Champ Parkingcrusher!


I mostly went to Redhood Valley.


I found W.O.C by typing in "cars games" If I wouldn't have typed "s" at the end of car, I would not be here!

I'm champ parkingcrusher, you might know me from World Of Cars Online my d-name is ThEpOrShE lol. My friends that I know most : Happy monsterwheel, Dr. Yellowpin, Max bosscrusher, Mia Speedysmasher and most importantly Sky Flankflyer!. I would like to meet some of you some day! -------- pie. that is all.

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Champ Parkingcrusher.png

This is my best website:



Dodge Challenger SRT8 392

Top speed:



2011 (car)


3D drawing/Prototype

My Trophies

I am on Community Central and can be found on many other wikis. (e.g.Here, Here and Here)