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Rod "Torque" Redline has obtained vital information about the plot to sabotage the World Grand Prix. He's one of the the greatest amercian spy in the world.

"OK McMissile, it's time for the drop." Rod said. Instantly, Holley picked up the signal. "Okay, so the Amercian has activated his tracking system."

"Roger that. Move in." Finn McMissile replied. Holley went into the men's room right away once Finn said to. Holley saw Rod being beaten up by Grem and Acer. Holley gasped.

"Oh m---" Holley said scarcely. Grem and Acer looked at her. "AHY! Can you read? This is the men's restroom. Oh, and we ain't doing what you think' were doing. Hehehheh.." Grem said.

"WAIT! She's Holley Shiftwell! A C.H.R.O.M.E managerirs-hickaabobthing-aga-watcha-macalledditt?" Acer yelled to Grem. "UH OK, I'll take it from here Ace." Grem told his partner with evil grin.

(inside stall)

Mater is screaming due to the Japenese toilet assistant (he had an "accident at the party") scrubbing everywhere. Chuki is all but laughing. Once, Mater got felt refreshed. "Dang gun, pastaci ice cream!" Mater complained as he just "Farted".

(At Professor's Lair)

Soon, Holley and Rod were taken to Professor Z's lair and Z had lemons get the V-Info back.

Professor Z demonstrates to Holley Shiftwell and Rod Redline what happens when cars fueled with Allinol are exposed to an electric-magnetic pulse. Rod w

Holley got a live message from Finn. "Where are you Holley?" Finn asked. "Finn, it's Miles Axler--od, I hope--------yo--u--li-v---e" Holley cried with the message coder getting staticky.

Professor heard the message as well as the lemon henchman. "Finn McMissile? He's still alive? Haha, we shall elimate him next."

"But first, you two." Z laughed with his fellow lemons. Full power was turned on and Holley and Rod were killed.

TBC and will Finn McMissile solve this by himself? We shall see.

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