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I was thinking that we should have a World Grand Prix in the the World of Cars Online 2.


I was thinking that maybe we could have 6 races, not 3. The races should be in Tokyo, Paris, Porto Corsa, Brazil, Germany, and a finale in London. Each of the 10 racers, Francesco Bernoulli, Lewis Hamilton, Jeff Gorvette, Carla Veloso, Shu Todoroki, Miguel Camino, Nigel Gearsley, Max Schnell, Raoul CaRoule, and Rip Clutchgoneski, should get a closest to equal amount of appearances.


Each of the 6 places should have a race track, each that is most asphalt with a dirt section. In each race, the racer that is from that country will race there. For example, Shu Todoroki in Tokyo, Raoul CaRoule in Paris, Francesco Bernoulli in Porto Corsa, Carla Veloso in Brazil, Max Schnell in Germany, and Nigel Gearsley and Lewis Hamilton in London.

Places in the Locations

Each of the places should have a spy store, Fillmore's Fizzy Fuel Stand, and a souvineer store.

The souvineer store should be a store where we can buy items to wear or put in our yards that have to do with the country, like maybe a paint job of the country's flag, an actual flag, maybe models of famous sights from that location, and maybe a costume of the racer from that place (there is already a costume of Shu Todoroki, but maybe we can get the same one from that store). The way we could get there is by airports. At the airports, we go to the arrow at the plane at the airport to get to other locations. There should also be some of the famous sights to see there:


In Tokyo, we should see Tokyo tower, the Tokyo art center.


In Paris, there should be the louvre, the Eiffel Tower, and that circle thing.

Porto Corsa

Porto Corsa should be divided into 2 locations: Porto Corsa, and Santa Routina (Uncle Topolino and Mama Topolino's home), but Porto Corsa should have the race track.


I haven't thought of anything to have in Brazil.


Haven't thought of Germany ideas either.


Big Bentley,. . .

The Big Bentley should actually be showing time. One thing I'm not sure about is should it show "World of Cars Time" or if it should show the time that it is in the actual London. I told you about in User blog:Lukwisnie/World of Cars 2 in the "Menu" section.


We should also get some logos that we see on the World Grand Prix racers, where we can choose our number and country.

So, tell me in the comments if you like my idea or not. You can also tell me some other ideas you have.