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Wheel Well was a future location. As Sparks said it will be opening "very soon". A bridge in Redhood Valley (West) leads to Wheel Well, which was told by Sparks who also told that he saw Chick Hicks there once saying that it would lead to his secret lair. Sparks told that Chick Hicks was lying. Wheel Well was said to be 'down the road' 6 months before The World of Cars Online closed, but it should've been released a few weeks before the closure. However, the Wheel Well might be in the new World of Cars. However, Redhood Valley will be in iWorld of Cars but Wheel Well will not be a secret room/area. It will be a "district" of Tailfin Pass, meaning that Wheel Well will be in the Tailfin Pass area, sort of like what it was in Cars: The Video Game, Cars Mater-National, and Cars Race-O-Rama.

The broken bridge west of Redhood Valley.

What it looked like if you crossed over the bridge.