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Sliding in a mud pit.

Willy's Butte was an explorable desert in where you can find lots of ingredients for Fillmore's Fizzy Fuels. There are "Dust Devils" there in which you can "fly" on for a little time. It is full of bumps, jumps, geysers, and Dust Devils. You would've found Doc Hudson here driving around. The race track out there was a oval dirt track. It's a nice place to cruise around in. Throughout there are mudflats, great for drifting and sliding practice. An area in the south west was full of jumps and cactus. The cactus out there can earn you some money if you have had completed the Blue Cactus Flower Mystery Quest. You can find Blue, Pink, Orange, and Yellow cactus flowers. You can even find totally sweet cactus fruits.

iWorld of Cars will bring back Willys Butte not in it's World of Cars Online form. Instead, it will bring it back in its Cars: The Video Game and Cars Mater-National form. Jumps will be included, but there will be no asphalt roads. All of the roads will be dirt roads.

Connects To

Northeast - Fillmore's Fields

Southeast - Radiator Springs

In the Movie

It's only featured in the movie when Doc and Lightning are racing on Willy's Butte. They show this track near the end of movie too.

In Cars 2

It's only featured in Cars 2 as part of the track of the Radiator Springs Grand Prix.