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Administrators, sometimes called sysops or simply admins, are users who have been granted additional rights and responsibilities beyond those of a typical user. They are experienced users who have been entrusted with carrying out various administrative tasks. While the user rank provides new technical abilities, the responsibilities of an administrator extend beyond them, in that they are expected to lead the community and be a reliable source of advice and information.

The administrator is the second highest user rank, possessing more rights than the user, the autoconfirmed user, and the rollback, though it is slightly outclassed by the bureaucrat.


Administrators are promoted on the basis of having a reliable reputation, as well as having demonstrated a degree of care for the greater community. As the administrator user group imparts several important wiki functions, it is essential that those who use them are conscientious and trustworthy. With great power comes great responsibility!

A common misconception around the larger Fandom platform is that administrators are "above" other users and rule the land with an iron fist. This could not be farther from the truth, at least here on our wiki. Administrators are best thought of as regular users who have merely been given additional tools to help them work towards the same goal that everyone else is: Ensuring that the wiki is in the best shape it can possibly be. Administrators are equal to other users when it comes to community votes and discussions; their proposal votes are not weighted any higher than anyone else's. They do, however, have the final say in situations that involve enforcing the site rules. Examples include deciding the outcomes of edit wars or user blocks.

As moderators of the wiki, administrators are expected to regularly check the Recent Changes, as well as the administrative categories (such as the candidates for deletion category) and maintenance reports. They should also pay regular attention to their message wall and be ready to respond to answers and requests. Many duties require administrator assistance, so it is important that they help where they are needed.

Group rights

Administrators have access to several unique abilities when compared to the user ranks below them. A full list of rights given by the administrator user group can be found here, but these are the most relevant:

  • Protect and unprotect pages
  • Delete and restore pages and their histories
  • Hide specific revisions from view
  • Block other users
  • Have their edits automatically marked as patrolled
  • Mark other users' edits as patrolled
  • Rename and overwrite files
  • Viewing the site analytics
  • Access the Theme Designer to manage the user interface
  • Edit the CSS and JavaScript

List of administrators

This is a list of the wiki's current administrators. All of the wiki's bureaucrats are also members of the administrator user group, and so they are included here.

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