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Users are defined as anyone who has created a registered Fandom account and made an edit on the World of Cars Wiki. While some Fandom sites allow unregistered people to edit anonymously, the World of Cars Wiki is in semi-protected status, meaning all contributors must have an account in order to edit. Registered users have access to several functions that unregistered readers do not, and they gain some additional rights upon becoming autoconfirmed.

To create a Fandom account, hover over the empty profile icon on the global navigation bar at the top right of the screen, then click "Register" and follow the steps as provided there.

Group rights

  • Create and edit pages
  • Create and edit discussion pages
  • Upload files, including images and videos
  • Rename pages.
  • Maintain a userpage.
  • Edit their preferences and personal CSS and JS to customize their own interface.
  • Add pages to their watchlist
  • Remove advertisements from all pages except the Main Page.

List of users

A complete list of registered users can be found here.

See also

  • Information about autoconfirmed users can be found here.
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